Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thoughts From the Road - Trekking Poles and Ticks

Today all three of my perfect hiking conditions (see previous post) were blown to smithereens.

We hiked down into the canyon from the Painted Canyon visitor's center at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.

First of all even though we started at 9:30 a.m. it was hot. Like upper 70's hot, which only got hotter once we were down in the canyon.

Since the trail was narrow I gave Glen one of my trekking poles to use. It was easier navigating with only one. Trekking poles are a Godsend when climbing or going down hill. That extra stability is a true confidence builder for me. 

On to number two of my perfect hiking bugs. Let me just say the ticks were plentiful. 
I had been warned out this by my dear friend Roxi, so we were prepared. Long pants, pants tucked into our socks, and hiking boots. Still they found a way to hitch a ride and follow us back to the hotel. 

Number three - No Snakes. Again shot to crap. Yes, we saw a rattlesnake. Glen was thrilled, and I was high tailing it out of there. Sorry no picture for this one, you will just have to trust me.

All that said and done, it was still a great hike. This is what I did personal training and High Intensity Interval training for, to have the strength and stamina to do these hikes. 

One of my friends commented on my last post that the land looks so barren, and it is, but it also makes me really appreciate where I live. Where I have trees and woods, and shade, and Great Lakes. 

As long as I have the choice, I would much rather be out in the canyon exploring than viewing this landscape from the window of a coach tour bus or a car. You miss so much when you take the easy way. You definitely won't see a rattler from your window, or the herd of bison we saw last night. I will post those pictures when we get home, they are on my dSLR. Pretty amazing to watch a herd of 50-75 buffalo cross the road in front of you. To listen to the noises they make is truly awe inspiring. 

We are trying to take a selfie from each of our hikes, so here is today's:

I told you it was hot!


  1. What a FUN post! Yes you look hot...but boy that shower will feel good. Your critter adventures remind me of our outback trip in WV a year ago this past spring...benadryl for Bruno was a miracle!

  2. Sarah, you are so brave! I think I'd need a few shade trees and definitely NO SNAKES! It is beautiful country!

  3. I so agree - I'd much rather be exploring than sitting in a tour bus! This looks fantastic. I'm not fond of snakes or ticks - but you worked your way through it - way to go!

  4. Eeeek... a snake! It does look a harsh environ ment -I'm highly impressed with your achievements!

  5. Oh snakes bad news, looks like your training has really been put into good use....

  6. I really feel like I'm hiking alongside you both! I once walked right over a rattler on the trail, without even noticing it. After that, I was never allowed to be in the lead (I was too busy noticing the beautiful wildflowers all around - not looking at the trail in front of me).



  7. ticks and snakes...yikes....I'd have been out of there in a hiking pole needed!

  8. Not fond of snakes at all but the rest I could deal with...your trip sounds wonderful...enjoy the rest of it...

  9. Ticks AND snakes, ugh!! But it still looks like you're having fun.

  10. Looks like you handled all the adverse conditions in great fashion.....and had a wonderful time to boot...You can't asked for more....

  11. oh I just couldn't cope with all those things! well done you! love your photos

  12. If I read correctly I think I am saying hello to a Michigander! Enjoy your hiking trip you brave soul! I think I am more nervous about the ticks than

  13. (oops) the snakes . . . I look forward to following you through the rest of your trip!


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