Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thoughts From the Road - I Hate Snakes

I am one of those hikers who really likes the perfect conditions for hiking. Those conditions would be:
1. Not too hot or humid, I prefer temperatures in the 60's or 70's. 
2. No bugs. 
3. And definitely NO SNAKES!!

Well unfortunately or fortunately, depending if you are me or you are Glen, those conditions are rarely met and I still go anyway. 

Today was one of those days. We drove down a rutted, red dirt, two track to get to the Petrified Forest trail in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  We are staying in a nearby town for the next couple of days. 

Now I hate snakes with a passion, and there are rattle snakes here in Theodore Roosevelt. So as soon as we got out of the car I could hear things rattling. 

Granted they were one grasshoppers, but hey I have a good imagination. 

So we set off, loaded down with four water bottles, gluten free granola bars, and my iPhone for the camera. It was 11:30 in the morning so I knew the chances of getting any really good photos was not very good so why bother carrying my dSLR. 

Mallory and I have been to the Petrified Forest in Arizona, but Glen has never seen petrified wood so he was anxious to see some. 

We walked slowly and carefully, always on the lookout for rattlers. I, of course made Glen go first. This slowly and carefully gave me time to take some photos along the way. 

And a little processing fun as well.

I was surprised for as rocky as some areas were, there also was a lot of grassland. We also commented, for a National Park, there was not another soul in sight. We made bets on the way back whether we would see another human being. Glen won, we came across a family of six, three small boys, a baby, and mom and dad, about a quarter of the way into the trail. 

Our selfie at our turn around point, which was about 1-1/2 hours into the hike in 80 degree temperatures. Again, HOT not being on my criteria list. 

After a 2-1/2 hour hike in the hot, fly and tick infested, snake potential grasslands and petrified rocks we made it back to the car. I never saw a snake, but I still swear I heard rattling. 

Just so you know we are not the only crazy Michiganders to do this hike. On the registration log, the two families ahead of us were both from Michigan. 

What a small world it is. 


  1. Wow snakes no thanks... The wood looks very interesting I see grunge lol... Have fun....

  2. I don't like snakes either, and am certainly not used to having to worry about rattle snakes! Yikes! Looks like you're having a fun trip!

  3. I'm with you on the snakes - I'd hear rattling the whole way. You got some great photos with your phone, and it looks like a fun hike! Love the selfie! :-)

  4. What an amazing place! However, there is no way I would've stepped out of that car knowing there were rattle snakes around!!!

  5. I think you must be earning that time in the hotel BIG time. It's so barren there-no shade. So different from the landscape here in Maine that's so lush this time of year. Hope you're having fun. Stay away from the snakes. Eeewwwww.

  6. I so enjoyed your hike from the comfort of my home.

  7. Wow...taking this hike along with you and I'm not the least bit hot! So fun to hike along!

  8. Wonderful pictures! I agree with Susan, it does look very barren, especially after being in the Arkansas mountains today!!

  9. beautiful...I'm not a camper anymore. And I really hate snakes too!

  10. I am loving traveling along with you this summer! We used to camp and hike when our girls were young, so all of this brings back some wonderful memories. I love the processed photo...makes it feel like an old memory. Just sayin'...



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