Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Walk and Click Wednesday - Changing

I remember the first time I visited this little church side cemetery that I now walk through on an almost daily basis.

It was the summer of 1985 and I was there with my boyfriend (now my husband) for the funeral and burial of his grandfather.

At that time only the very front section of the cemetery was full, most of the back section and way back section were as empty as this small way back section is now.

When we moved to our current house nine years ago, I was eager to find some nice sized walking routes. The 3-mile loop that includes this cemetery was just the right size.

In the nine years that we have been here I have seen a lot of changes in the cemetery. Flower urns full of beautiful flowers put out in the spring and then returned to their storage spot next to the maintenance building in the fall.

I have seen shiny silver balloons flying high above a loved one's headstone to mark a birthday or the anniversary date of passing. Sometimes there is a special keepsake left to keep their loved one company, and to show that they are not forgotten.

I have seen the designs in headstones change from simple graceful designs...

To elaborate headstones etched with everything from pictures of the loved one's jeep to a picture of the loving couple sitting on a bench watching the sunset (by the way, this couple is still very much alive yet, kind of weird if you ask me).

If I am fortunate enough to live here for another nine years, I can only imagine the changes yet to come.

Joining Lissa at laf Custom Designs for Walk and Click Wednesday.

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Sunny Sunday Spot

Most Sunday afternoons you will find me in my new favorite spot. I will be stretched out on my new shiny, brown leather sofa reading my current book selection.

Well, at least I start out reading, but before you know it that warm sun has caused the eyelids to droop and then finally just close all together. The book does a slow droop, or sometimes a quick jerk straight onto the floor. Then before you know it a whole hour has disappeared. 

Fortunately, nobody will see me in this sleepy state, since my husband is reclined downstairs in his favorite blue chair "listening" to the football game on the television.

*Day 22 of Ali Edwards' 31 Things class - writing prompt is "spot"

Friday, September 21, 2012

Walk and Click Wednesday(Friday) - Public Art

Glen and I were in the Upper Peninsula this past weekend and early this week visiting our daughter at college for her birthday that was on Tuesday.

I knew we would have time on Monday and Tuesday while she was in class to do some walking around town, so I had high hopes of getting some great pictures of public art. What I didn't count on was it raining both days. We still got our walks in, on Monday a walk in the woods in the rain. Tuesday, the sky was ominous again but we set off down the bike path running along Lake Superior. We figured if it started to rain we would just turn around, which it eventually did, along with some sleet.

Walking along the bike path I was on the look out for anything that had potential as public art. My photos are loose interruptions, but then art is in the eye of the beholder.

This barbed wire set off against the threatening sky really caught my eye.

Glen saw this cairn that somebody built on the rocks along the shore. So up the rocks I climbed to get my picture, and nearly got soaked by a crashing wave in the process. 

Shot of the lighthouse through the cairn opening.

Thank you Lissa for hosting this fun adventure at laf custom designs.

Friday, September 14, 2012

5 Findings Friday - A Dog Theme

1. I found that dog bath time is always interesting...see previous post.
2. I found that when walking this morning with the dogs I could have used mittens. Two days ago when we walked just as early I was in shorts, a t-shirt and sweating. Michigan weather...everyday is different!
3. I found that we walk much faster in the dark. I think because there are less distractions for the dogs to  see to tinkle on.

4. I found that it is a good thing I took a picture of my yellow item for Walk and Click Wednesday on Monday, because Wednesday afternoon when we walked I saw that the roadside mower had come through and there wasn't a Black-Eyed Susan in sight.

5. I found that mourning doves like to have their picture taken too. In the time between when I saw this shot with only two birds in it, to stopping, dropping the poo, stepping on the leashes and whipping out my phone, two birds had become four birds. I would have preferred three or five birds, but I guess I would hate to break up a lasting relationship.

Have a wonderful weekend:)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Dog Bath Adventure

Today I gave the dogs a bath..

If somebody had been in my backyard with a video camera they would have had the makings of a hilarious youtube video.

Bath time brings out the true nature of my boys.

Riley - a mild mannered couch potato by day...a wild and out of control jumping horse at bath time. I have to put a collar and leash on him at bath time, and stand or kneel on the leash so he doesn't run away. While I am rubbing the shampoo in he is jumping around like a bucking bronco, hence loosening the leash and running around the backyard like he is possessed. Once recaptured he continues to jump and down while I massage his special skin shampoo into his back side, and when that is done he tries to back up and sit in my lap. Finally rinsed and partially towel dried, he takes off and finds the one very small patch of dirt at the bottom of the deck steps and proceeds to flop down and roll around in it. Back for another rinsing, then I take him by the collar up the deck steps to the non-dirty deck and finish towel drying and then into the house he goes. He can roll all he wants in the dirt there!

Scout - My mischievous paper bath time is like a lamb being led to the slaughter. He sits there with the saddest puppy dog eyes, not daring to move until I gently encourage him to stand to finish the rinsing. He patiently waits while I dry him off and lets me lead him into the house all nice and clean yet.

After they were a little bit dry I let them come back out in the yard for a little photo session...

Scout stole the cup I had the dog treats in. The treats help to encourage them to sit nicely:)

Riley getting ready to pounce on Scout as he came up the steps. The poor little lamb.

Now the boys are all nice and clean for their vacation at Aunt Marcia's house :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Walk and Click Wednesday - Yellow

I am joining up with Lissa Forbes at LAF Custom Designs for a new linky party that she is hosting called Walk and Click Wednesdays. She provides a prompt each week for you to look for if you choose to. The whole point of this is to go out for a walk and open your eyes to what is around you.

I love walking, so that is not a problem for me. The hard part is opening my eyes to look for beauty or the unusual. So I am looking forward to these Wednesday adventures to help me truly see all that is around me.

My contribution for this week's prompt: Yellow

I have been passing this out of place little cluster of Black-Eyed Susans every day on our afternoon walk. It hit me on Monday that they would be perfect for "Yellow". So whipping out my iPhone, dropping the baggie of poo and standing on the dogs' leashes I got just what I wanted for yellow.

Next week the prompt is: Public Art

Please feel free to play along. It is so fun to see what everybody captures.

Friday, September 7, 2012

5 Findings Friday

1. I found that when you makeover a room in your house, you might as well move into that room, because the rest of your house then looks pathetic.

2. I found that when you are home without a car for the day, it is much easier to commit to a big cleaning project, because you have no place that you can go.

3. I think that Riley dropped part of his biscuit down the register vent on purpose, just so that I would have to vacuum all his dog hair out of it.

4. I found that it is a good thing I know what tea I really like at Seasoned Home in downtown Holland, because their choices are plentiful.

5. I found that I am becoming addicted to using my iPhone for photography. I just love all the different apps available. My favorite at the moment is Camera+.

Have a wonderful weekend :)