Sunday, July 7, 2013

Going Back

One of the girls in the FaceBook creative group that I am a part of recently posed the question "Has anyone gone back and re-edited some of their older photos with your increased knowledge and skill base?" I didn't respond to the question and it is probably good that I didn't since I would have been the only "no".

Denise's question got me think though. It made me think about PLACES that I would like to go back to and photograph again. Bringing with me so much more knowledge and more skills than I had the first time, so that I can achieve a much better SOOC (straight out of camera) shot. Also now having the advantages of shooting in RAW and editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Our Montana trip from 11 years ago immediately came to mind, since I will have the opportunity shortly to go back and reshoot at some of those same places. I was looking through the album from that trip and I just had to laugh grimace at some of those pictures. That was back in the days of film, so no post processing possible. I couldn't believe how many of the pictures were not clearly focused, occasionally I got lucky, and how I gave no regard to light at all. Many photos of Glen and/or Mallory had sun/shadow dappling across their faces.

I still used the photos to tell a great story of our trip, which has never been a problem for me, but YIKES on the skill level.

Mallory having her foot taped after a 3 mile hike in Glacier National Park
By contrast:

 Mallory at age 18 after climbing a mountain in Glacier National Park - July 2012
What a difference 10 years makes :)

One of the four pictures of me in the album
One of the saddest things though was that there were only 4 pictures of me through out the 66 page 12 X 12 album. It is almost like I wasn't even on the trip. I have already informed Glen that that will need to change on this trip. Thankfully I am much more comfortable having my picture taken these days than I was back then, but how sad to always be behind the camera and never being a part of the trip by being in front of the camera.

So the answer is "yes" I do want to go back and try again, bringing with me better skills, better equipment and so much more knowledge.

Is there someplace that you would love to go back to and photograph with your increased skills and knowledge? I would love to hear.


  1. You wouldn't have been the only "no"...I haven't done it either...but maybe someday...
    Looking at your photo's I should do it sooner rather than later.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I hear you ... on two counts. Looking at earlier photos and wincing and not being in enough of the photos myself. I'm always behind the camera. We must change that!!!


  3. As I have only been taking photographs for the last 6 or 7 years I can't go back very far .. Even then I seemed to have taken lots of shots that were crooked or with no regard to positioning.... I would love to go back to Venice and New England...

  4. I have done that also. I have gone back a few times to one place and it is a good idea. Lovely post.

  5. I saw paisley socks online the other day and thought of you. You would love them I think

  6. Oh yes. Back to Alaska! I got some good ones but my perspectives would be different now.

  7. Yellowstone for sure. I just got my SLR and did not really know how to use it at that time. That is great you get to go back!

  8. I've thought about re-editing some photos, although I didn't really take many photos prior to the last few years. when I started this new avenue about 3 years ago, I shot with my P & S and thought I was taking fab shots and like you mention got lucky sometimes. BUT, I actually like leaving them alone and seeing my growth over time. What I was intuitively doing right and what I've learned since then.
    I hope your trip is super fabulous and yes either get yourself into some of those shots or take some selfies. Travel safely and bring back some awesome shots and even better, take the camera away from your eye and let the memories just flow in.

  9. What a great perspective! We are getting ready to go on an Alaskan cruise and I am renting some lenses, etc. I actually thought to myself something like, "It's unfortunate we are going now rather than 5 years from now because I'm sure I'll be a better photographer THEN." How silly though... it's only through all this practice that we get to the next step, right? I always look at old photos and wish I knew more then, but what can I do? I save the original images and then I can go back like you did.
    P.S. I love seeing your daughter so young!

  10. I always laugh when I look at older pictures! I do wish that I had known more about photography when my children were smaller and when we traveled more! Maybe I'll get a chance to visit some of those places again!

  11. Well...I have VERY few photos of me with my grandsons because I am the one always taking them. I need to work through this. Love your contemplative tone in this post.

  12. Such a great idea to go back and revisit images and what you would do differently. You are so right about always being behind the camera - I give my family photo books as gifts and honestly, you'd be hard pushed to know I was a member of the family! Even with me being conscious about it, there is only one (selfie) from last year's holiday! I would love to go back to Venice for sure. Lovely colours and architecture. Would love to have another crack at that.


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