Friday, September 21, 2012

Walk and Click Wednesday(Friday) - Public Art

Glen and I were in the Upper Peninsula this past weekend and early this week visiting our daughter at college for her birthday that was on Tuesday.

I knew we would have time on Monday and Tuesday while she was in class to do some walking around town, so I had high hopes of getting some great pictures of public art. What I didn't count on was it raining both days. We still got our walks in, on Monday a walk in the woods in the rain. Tuesday, the sky was ominous again but we set off down the bike path running along Lake Superior. We figured if it started to rain we would just turn around, which it eventually did, along with some sleet.

Walking along the bike path I was on the look out for anything that had potential as public art. My photos are loose interruptions, but then art is in the eye of the beholder.

This barbed wire set off against the threatening sky really caught my eye.

Glen saw this cairn that somebody built on the rocks along the shore. So up the rocks I climbed to get my picture, and nearly got soaked by a crashing wave in the process. 

Shot of the lighthouse through the cairn opening.

Thank you Lissa for hosting this fun adventure at laf custom designs.


  1. Sarah, oh, I LOVE your take on public art!!! These are gorgeous images ... So inspiring. I just love how nature creates its own art! ;-> you captured it perfectly with your natural framing, especially the rocks framing the lighthouse. Thanks for playing along for Walk and Click Wednesdays!

  2. Makes yearn to visit the UP again.

  3. Love how you framed the lighthouse shot. The barbed wire does look very artistic.

  4. I loved the barbed wire shot so dramatic .....

  5. I can't believed you climbed all the way up on that cairn! You go girl...great capture!
    Laurie @ pride in photos

  6. I like the barbed wire shot also... Great photos!

  7. I love these shots...I didn't realize you captured them while visiting your daughter. That must've been a very nice weekend, despite the rain! Our daughter was just home for the weekend, too - it's always so wonderful to see her. Thanks for sharing, Sarah! :)


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