Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Dog Bath Adventure

Today I gave the dogs a bath..

If somebody had been in my backyard with a video camera they would have had the makings of a hilarious youtube video.

Bath time brings out the true nature of my boys.

Riley - a mild mannered couch potato by day...a wild and out of control jumping horse at bath time. I have to put a collar and leash on him at bath time, and stand or kneel on the leash so he doesn't run away. While I am rubbing the shampoo in he is jumping around like a bucking bronco, hence loosening the leash and running around the backyard like he is possessed. Once recaptured he continues to jump and down while I massage his special skin shampoo into his back side, and when that is done he tries to back up and sit in my lap. Finally rinsed and partially towel dried, he takes off and finds the one very small patch of dirt at the bottom of the deck steps and proceeds to flop down and roll around in it. Back for another rinsing, then I take him by the collar up the deck steps to the non-dirty deck and finish towel drying and then into the house he goes. He can roll all he wants in the dirt there!

Scout - My mischievous paper bath time is like a lamb being led to the slaughter. He sits there with the saddest puppy dog eyes, not daring to move until I gently encourage him to stand to finish the rinsing. He patiently waits while I dry him off and lets me lead him into the house all nice and clean yet.

After they were a little bit dry I let them come back out in the yard for a little photo session...

Scout stole the cup I had the dog treats in. The treats help to encourage them to sit nicely:)

Riley getting ready to pounce on Scout as he came up the steps. The poor little lamb.

Now the boys are all nice and clean for their vacation at Aunt Marcia's house :)


  1. Love your boys!!! I take mine for baths to Bow Wow's Bath House - I can't imagine trying to handle them at bath time!

  2. They go for regular baths at the groomer too. Riley just needs his special skin shampoo once a month, so I do it in between his groomings. Obviously he is the challenge, so doing Scout too is easy peasy :)

  3. I just love your Scout and Riley bath time story. I can see all this going on and you trying to keep it all organized. LOL They are just adorable. I'm very lucky ... Kobi takes a bath in the kitchen sink and he is a lamb, although I can't say he loves it 'cause it's an ordeal ... Brush him out, trim him down, then the bath, then the blow dryer, and sometimes more trimming. I have a LOT of respect for groomers now!! So glad to get to know your boys! Cute. ;->

  4. How smart to give them a bath outside! When I have to give my dogs a bath, which I try to do as little as possible, I shut the bathroom door so they wont' run away. Needless to say by the end the whole room is soaking wet! I'm guessing this was during a study break?!

  5. What gorgeous dogs they must keep you busy and entertained I love reading about all their antics being dog less .....

  6. Oh my gosh, this made me precious! lol...dogs are just the sweetest and most entertaining little beings, aren't they?

  7. Wonderful post. We are finally getting the newest one over her craziness at bath time. She will be just two in October so still a pup. The first couple baths she literally screamed. The neighbors probably thought we were sacrificing her to ???

  8. Beautiful dogs and fun photostory! I love their expressions...My two Westies would LOVE to play with them.


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