Friday, August 31, 2012

Reflection of You - 5 Fact Friday

Five little interesting things about me...

1. As of today, I have walked at least 20 minutes 1,192 days in a row. Which is something like 3 years and 3 months plus a few days.

2. This weekend we are giving our four season porch a makeover. Something I have been wanting to do for the last nine years.

3. In February I gave up Diet Coke, specifically I gave up aspartame which is the artificial sweetener in diet pop. I don't really miss it. Sorry Kim :)

4. I LOVE old playground toys...

5. My mother is not the best cook in the world. So I pretty much taught myself how to cook. This was my first cookbook, and I still have it.

Have a great weekend! Check out all the participants for this linky party at Reflection of You.


  1. Great list! all good things! I need to start walking . . .

  2. Congratulations on your walking. That is fantastic.

  3. Awesome facts! I totally love them! My mom was a horrible cook, too. I'm going to miss 5 Fact Fridays. I enjoy getting to know my other ROY-mates! I love your blog header & title, very lovely! It's so cool that you have walked every day for SO LONG and that you gave up Diet Coke. I haven't been able to give up the soda after many unsuccessful tries.

  4. Hope you porch turns out wonderful. Looking foward to seeing the after...

  5. I am really enjoying these Five Facts - they're always so much fun to read! Please share "after" pictures of your porch - that's a great space! :) I need to get more regular with my exercise routine...especially before winter arrives and I want to hibernate. My Mom wasn't the best cook, either - I've learned a lot on my own. Have a great weekend, Sarah! Thank you, by the way, for your comment on my blog and advice about self-portraits - I like the idea of capturing only parts of my body. And yes, I agree - poetry is my therapy. :)

  6. I taught myself how to cook as I lost my Mother when I was 12 . I never got fizzy drinks at all sometimes I like Sprite but never got into Coke or Pepsi I'm just a tea drinker.... Congrats on the walking I must get back into it especially as it's now Autumn.....
    Have a great weekend..

  7. I may have the same cookbook--or at least one very similiar. I loved using that book because I felt so grown up. And even with the Internet today, I still have a love affair with cookbooks.

    Congrats on giving up soda and walking. Great inspiration!


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