Friday, August 3, 2012

5 Fact Friday

There is a fun link up going on at Reflection of You Blog - so I just had to play.

These are 5 fun facts about me:

1. I am the daughter of a beekeeper.

2.  I dislike crowds.

3.  Rides that twirl make me vomit.

4.  I do yoga almost every morning.

5.  I have worn glasses since 7th grade.

Okay...all these facts might not be fun, like the vomiting one, but they are 5 true facts about me.


  1. Hello lovely. Such a pretty photo of you. I love your 5 facts. With you on the twirl rides. :)
    Thanks for playing 5 facts. Happy weekend. xo

  2. Cool list! I like the yoga every day - I do too!

  3. a hobby or a full time job? And, was it your mom or dad? So interesting : )

    1. Beekeeping as a hobby for 30+ years. The cool thing is that my dad now teaches 20 and 30 somethings about beekeeping. It seems to be the new trendy thing to do.

  4. Great list! #1 is interesting and I am with you on #2.

  5. Great list Sarah I love twirling but heights make me go blergh! Great selfie I want to get into Yoga . Have a great weekend x

  6. What a cool thing for your dad to do. was it a hobby? I hate crowds, I like rides.

  7. lol, you made me smile...I don't like twirly rides either! How fascinating that you're the daughter of a beekeeper! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  8. Wow...the daughter of a beekeeper. Very cool! That is work that takes much patience and care. I'm sure you saw those swarms on the Delta flight in Pittsburgh that delayed take off. Love your spirit and presence on the Groupie page. You're the best!

    Denise Powers Fabian
    Mogadore, Ohio
    from BTS and BL

  9. I hear ya on #3. I think it is better to take photos of twirly rides than go on them.

  10. what a great post, these are really interesting facts and I love your shots that go with them!

  11. Fun facts, Sarah ... I hate crowds too and my former husband's grandfather was a beekeeper. I used to help Bill spin the honey. Ah, those were the fun times. ;-> Nice portrait! I'm sure your glasses in 7th grade weren't quite so fashionable!!

  12. What fantastic facts, there are several that I can relate to as well.


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