Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Secret Life of Sadie Powers

Prompt: Citrus

August 2015, I participated in Susannah Conway's August Break, a published list of daily prompts meant to build community on social media. You were suppose to take a picture each day that somehow symbolized that prompt and then post it on Instagram or FaceBook. Always the overachiever, I decided to take the list and do thirty-one days of self-portraiture photography.

Prompt: Sweet Delights

My blogging adventure began after taking the NOW YOU e-course on self-portrait photography, that was six years ago. My personality is not one that should like being in front of the lens, although INFP's top two professions tend to be writer or actor...hmmm. I chose photography in the first place, for my life after work, so I could be behind the lens. But something from that very first class sucked me into this creative, alternate world.

Prompt: In the Distance

That August, I fell head-over-heels in love with the challenge of story creating, finding my best body angles, mastering focus, and scene set-ups. I gave the series it's own hashtag #herlifeinvignettes. I began to think of myself as a character.

Prompt: Notebook

One morning while writing in my journal, my character suddenly had a name...Sadie Powers. I have no idea where it came from. I don't know any Sadie's or anybody with the last name Powers, but Sadie Powers it was.

She seemed to come to me as a muse, a cross between my favorite great-aunt Viola and Vivian Maier, the reclusive street photographer, who I had recently learned about. My great-aunt instilled in me a deep fascination for an earlier age, a love for unique(old) places and things, hard-to-find treasures. Vivian's photographs emulated that era of curiosity for me. There are actually a lot of similarities between my great-aunt and Vivian Maier, both never married, both were devoted to children, both loved to travel, both documenters of a vanishing time through collecting memorabilia and photography.

Prompt: Two

Initially, I thought I was suppose to write a book about Sadie and her adventures. But, if I have learned anything about myself in the last two years, it is that while I am capable of writing, I am not capable of sitting for long periods of time at my desk. For over two years, Sadie has been patiently biding her time.

Since I began making short films at the beginning of this year, Sadie has snuck down out of the attic, ready to start her adventures once again.

The following is Sadie's film debut...

Idle Hour from Sarah Huizenga on Vimeo.

 It will be interesting to see how her story unfolds...

Prompt: Close Up

I have returned to prompt lists found on Pinterest, hunting down costumes and props, and developing the story.


  1. how exciting! terrific film and photos, will be following Sadie

  2. This is so fun! I look forward to following the adventures of Sadie! You're an INFP? - on an given day, I am either an INFP of an INFJ - I'm deeply conflicted on that last letter. It seems that I live in a world where J is important, but dream of living in the world of a P. I am really interested in some of the projects that you've been involved with. I'm not sure how to even find them.

    I am looking forward to your next video!

  3. I love the story of how this unfolded for you. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  4. Sail/Fly Sadie Powers . . .
    Looking forward to seeing each clip . . .

  5. Love this great beginning and will be fun to see how Sadie’s Story unfolds

  6. This sounds great, Sarah, and I very much look forward to seeing what you do with this.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  7. you are clever and creative and it is so interesting and fun to get to see the results! Thank you!

  8. A lovely series of self-portraits, Sarah. I did the same Now You e-course as you several years ago, but not at the same time! It was fantastic and great fun!
    It's always interesting to hear your plans and see what you do with them!

  9. Love seeing your self-portraits! I'm looking forward to Sadie Powers and her adventures!

  10. Oh Sarah...I love this new adventure of yours! I have been following Susannah Conway for years, and she always inspires me! Can't wait to see how your story develops! Really looking forward to Sadie Powers journey! And I just love your little vids! Keep up the AB FAB work! Aloha!

  11. Terrific...especially since my true name is Denise Powers Fabian!

  12. How exciting! Hope there’s more to come. My great aunt is similar to me - I didn’t realise that whilst she was alive though. Her inheritance reignited my creative passion. I must tell the story one day.

  13. How fun! I love the name, Sadie Powers, and how it just popped into your head. Those are the times we need to listen and follow the muse. :) I can't wait to see what adventures Sadie takes us on.

  14. what lovely images -- a feast for the eyes and imagination

  15. Here is a toast to Sadie Powers, what a great name. I love the first image.

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