Wednesday, May 21, 2014

One More Thing Day

The One More Thing Day is one of my favorite days of the year. It began a few years ago when Glen and Mallory struggled with what to give me for Mother's Day. I really don't think I am that hard to buy for...but anyway...Mallory came up with the idea of the One More Thing Day.

It got the name because it was one more thing she added to the present they did give me. It is a day she completely plans, all of which is a surprise to me. Let me say she knows me well and always does  an amazing job. You can read about last year's outing here.

She was afraid that she couldn't top last year's outing, but honestly I could care less what we do, or how much money she spends. I love the fact that she puts such careful thought into planning the day, and I LOVE the time together.

This year's outing started with this basket.

Each thing we were going to do for the day had something symbolic with the tag that described it. She was really thankful for all my photography props. Hey...another great use for them.

We started with...

A stop at my favorite coffee shop.

A blueberry muffin for her and  a pumpkin muffin for me...

This coffee shop is where we have always had big, life conversations and today was no different. It is so amazing to see have much she has changed and grown over the past few years.

Stop #2 - The Farmer's Market

Our first visit of the season. We both love the market. We got some red potatoes for a potato salad for Memorial Day, some rhubarb for a yummy dessert she will make, some asparagus for roasting, and some flowers for photographing.

After the market we had a brief stop home to put away our treasures from the market and to let the dogs out and feed them some lunch. Then it was on to stop #3...

We could not have asked for better photographic weather at the beach...fog. I got a new 85mm lens for Christmas so I was excited to try it out with my girl as my model. So very pleased with my first results...

I even found a subject for some homework for an on-line photography class I am taking called Keeping It Simple from Kim Manley Ort.

By this time we were getting hungry for lunch...

Glen and I discovered The Biscuit a few months ago for Breakfast but I have never been there for lunch and Mallory had never been there at all.

I had the Biscuit Club Wrap, very yummy!

Last event for the day...

Our own strolling walk of the historic district in our town. We have talked about doing this and it was such a beautiful day for it.

I love old buildings as you all know. I would love to tour the inside of these homes.

These homes also happen to be on the Tulip Lanes so we didn't look too weird strolling the streets with our cameras.

I had such a wonderful time and am so thankful for the close relationship that Mallory and I share, I know that will never change.

Thanks Mal, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!


  1. Oh, how much fun! That is a very thoughtful gift.

  2. Such a fun day with your girl...I love those kind of gifts also...we call it "time spent"....
    The market looked wonderful and the walk down that street was beautiful...such beautiful and unique houses...
    So happy for you and Mallory...that you find the time to be together.

  3. Beautiful, wonderful post . . . Mallory is a tender,loving, caring being . . . like her mother . . .

  4. A wonderful family tradition Sarah your Mallory is a lovely thoughtful daughter. I love the houses so different...

  5. So, so lovely. Made me teary reading it! Lovely photos too - love that jar of sea glass (I have one too!).

  6. Such a sweet tradition you have with Mallory! I like the tree pose photo :)

  7. I love this tradition! This looks like a perfect day - I'm so glad it was wonderful!

  8. Sounds like you had the perfect day! Love the foggy shots!

  9. What a wonderful day, and what a special present! You are both blessed to have each other. xo

  10. Wonderful and thoughtful. What a sweet day and you have photographic memories to savor forever.

  11. What a fantastic time you both had and what a superb and thoughtful Mother's Day gift from your daughter. How wonderful to have such a close connection together. You are blessed indeed! I love all the labels!

  12. Your daughter is so thoughtful with her gifts to you and so original. What a lovely idea with her basket of clues. xx

  13. Wow that is just a most wonderful idea and your daughter sounds amazing for putting this all together and really showing you how much she loves you. I enjoyed hearing about all of your day. Loved that 2nd house you photographed.

  14. Time spent together is priceless :)

  15. She's such a special girl! I love the creative way she introduced you to each phase of the day! You two are making such wonderful memories on your "one more thing day." I'd love to walk down these streets with you, beautiful homes!

  16. Such precious time. Such a treasure to have this relationship to share. You've documented it well. Excited about your new lens!

  17. I am so, so (as in way way) behind on blog visits - but man, do I love this idea and how close you and your daughter are. Brilliant!


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