Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Taking the Backroads - A Blustery Day

I knew I was taking my chances last week Friday for my Backroads Adventure Day. The day before, Halloween, it had rained buckets of rain all day long, the poor little trick or treaters. But it wasn't suppose to rain until the afternoon that Friday, so I figured I would get as far as I got until it rained.

The wind was a blowing though and the song that was stuck in my head was Pooh's The Rain Rain Rain came Down Down Down. **WARNING!! Don't watch this is you have a problem with songs getting stuck in your head.

I chose to travel to farm country this week.

I felt bad for the pumpkins that didn't get picked to be carved into Jack O' Lanterns.

This poor one never had a chance. It reminded me of the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz after the water is thrown on her and she melts.


The next stop was the apple orchards. Last year (2012) Michigan lost all of their apple crops due to 80 degree temperatures in March and heavy freezes in April. This year the weather was on a normal cycle and we had a bumper crop of apples. So much better.

Crane's is the place to go around here for u-pick apples, an experience everybody should do at least once, and Crane's also has the tastiest treats.

Family competition across the street.


The road I was following for the day was M-89 which would take me through Allegan to Otsego and finally Plainwell.


In Allegan I stopped at the Cemetery right on M-89 going through town. This will be a day adventure in and of itself. So many old headstones, which I absolutely love to photograph.

This mausoleum caught my eye right away, but I could not find any information on Sidney Beach Tremble. I did find another photographer on Flickr that had taken a similar photo, and seems to enjoy taking pictures of old structures. I added him as a contact to follow what he does and where he goes.

I seem to have a knack for finding closed down golf courses. I couldn't find any information on why this one was for sale. No nice blog by the former owner like the last one I found.

Maybe the club house looking like a mini Amityville Horror House doesn't help.

Great maintenance barn though!

And the menu was still posted in the glass case by the door.

I turned down a gravel road alongside the gold course, hoping for some more outbuildings to photograph, but instead found my favorite image for the day. A lone windmill, in a corn field filled with wind blown cornstalks.

Allegan Lodge

My last stop of the day as a fine, rainy mist was starting to fall.

Originally built in Greek Gothic Revival styling as the John Robinson hospital in 1909. Somewhere in the 1920s it was sold to a doctor from the Chicago area who allegedly had underworld ties. 

The facility was supposedly frequented by Mafia figures such as Al Capone, the Prohibition-era Chicago mob boss, and his men when they needed medical attention or when they simply needed to get away from Chicago.

Years later, it was used as an Eagles lodge and an Elks Lodge.  In 2010 it was acquired by an Allegan woman who began renovating the property but now wants to sell it.

The lodge has been the subject of past newspaper articles and television reports for paranormal activities that some say they  have experienced there. It has been called one of the most haunted places in the Midwest.

I am so glad that I didn't know that ahead of time, or it would have creeped me out. I already have this very real fear that one of these days I am going to round the corner or a deserted building and find a dead body. Oh, yeah, I guess I already had that when I found the dead deer.

The back stoop.

I love detailing on old doors.

I can't say that I picked up on any weird vibes, but of course I didn't go inside. It just seems sad that this beautiful place sits empty waiting for somebody to buy it.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
-H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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  1. Sarah, beautiful photos! The truck is a standout! And I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels badly for pumpkins that don't get picked. That's how I choose my apples sometimes - which of you needs a home?

    The cemetery monuments are lovely, too. I lived in Boston and never grew tired of the old burial grounds - sad, but beautiful.

  2. wow, you live in a beautiful area, sarah! i love that old windmill, and the story of the haunted hospital is awesome! :)

  3. So good and great . . . I love following you!

  4. Wow! One of the best of yours I've read. I adore the door. The barns are awesome and I would love to wander the old building with you. But I couldn't know it was haunted, either. lol Cool details captured very well. Thanks!

  5. You find the most amazing places to photograph I am so envious. That building would have creeped me out too.

  6. I just love the photo of the Sidney Beach Tremble with the fall foliage around, stunning. Too bad about the lodge, it's a cool place but I wouldn't want to buy it. Great tour.

  7. super post, wonderful shots and interesting info. We recently saw a program on the paranormal, one of the participants was in the USA, a lady who'd bought an old building that turned out to have been a hospital, haunted doors opening and closing etc., I wonder if this is the same place...

  8. You had me smiling right from the start with that picture of Pooh! That pumpkin did look like the wicked witch! Always enjoy the travels you take us on and seeing your photos!!

  9. Sarah, it is truly a delight to visit with you through your blog. I am starting to see some themes - aka 'vision' - develop, along with your skills at both photography and writing.


  10. That windmill shot was wonderful along with the rest. Did you know there are websites that would love your cemetery gravestone shots? Genealogists who can't get there to visit would really appreciate it.

  11. wow, what a great road trip, i really enjoyed all the pictures...and that one pumpkin does look like the wicked witch when she melts away!

  12. That mausoleum is a beautiful structure. No wonder you wanted to photograph it. The old hospital is a wonderful piece of old architecture even if it might well be haunted. I have to wonder what will happen to it now and for what it will be used? It is going to need lots more work. Such a nice adventure you had that day yielding so many wonderful captures. genie

  13. Another yummy selection of photos and you're coming across some very interesting stories. I love the vivid orange of the pumpkins - we don't really 'do' pumpkins so much over here. I think I'd like to stop off at Cranes for a tasty treat!

  14. Loved this post full of beautiful "has-beens". The forgotten pumpkins made me smile. :)

  15. Lots of wonderful country, autumn photography ~ beautiful work ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  16. Wow, what a day for shooting everything! You caught SO many great images in one outing... it's hard to pick just one, but I do enjoy that old hospital most... Thank you for coming by to share on Rurality Blog Hop #39!

  17. I would love to visit these places! Your photos tell such a poignant story. Love the old door, barn, mausoleum and home. I'm a new follower so I can keep up with your beautiful photography!

  18. Great travels...I love Crane's Apple Pies...in fact our church is selling these very pies to pick up frozen Thanksgiving week.and I do I do I do love that windmill image!!

  19. Thanks for taking us on your back roads...I don't ever get very far because I keep stopping to take photos!

  20. I absolutely loved this trip on the back roads! Really an awesome journey and I'm so glad you're sharing these weekly adventures.

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  22. Wow, the orchard pics make me want to be back in my childhood home in Wisconsin.

  23. Busy! Thanks for sharing your lovely adventure♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/887/

  24. Sarah you are becoming a fantastic documentary blogger! Lovely photos and very interesting information!

  25. Eeek - it's a good thing the ghosts didn't come after you! It definitely would have creeped me out to know the history before visiting. I love your photos, and I agree, the windmill is fantastic! I'm really enjoying your weekly jaunts!

  26. Dorothy MOORE TREMBLE

    Posted: 3 Dec 2003 9:06PM GMT

    Dorothy MOORE TREMBLE - Mrs. Sidney BEACH TREMBLE, Great Neck, Long Island, N.Y. formerly of Allegan, passed away in Woodbury, Long Island, January 27, 1973. Mrs. TREMBLE was born July 31, 1877 in Saugatuck, the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H. D. MOORE, early residents of Allegan. She moved with her family to Allegan in the early 1880's and was educated in Rye, Conneticut (sic). In 1899 she was married to Sidney BEACH TREMBLE in the Family Church, The Church of the Good Shepherd. They later moved to Chicago were Mr. TREMBLE was a partner in the Devitt-Tremble Company. Surviving are one son, Sidney BEACH TREMBLE of Dowagiac and a daughter, Mrs. Dorothy RULIFFSON of Long Island. Two grand daughters, Mrs. Thomas DALTON of Dowagiac and Miss Diane RULIFFSON of New York City. Two great grand sons, Dillon MATHEW and Dustin James DALTON. One Sister, Mrs. Pearle MOORE GREY of Washington, D.C. and one niece, Mrs. Earl (Mignon) DE LANO of Allegan. Funeral services were held form (from) the Church of the Good Shephard (sic), Tuesday, January 30 at 3 p.m. Fr. William O'Leary of Dowagiac officiated. Entombment was in the Sidney Beach Tremble Mausoleum, Oakwook (sic) Cemetery. source: Allegan Co. Photo Journal Jan 27, 1973 (submitted by a volunteer, no family connection) Note: There were many mispelled words in this obituary.
    3 Horace Duncan Nathaniel (MOORE)1 b Ryegate June 14 1821 left home at 1 8 att Peacham and Lyndon Acad's for a short time worked for his bro Samuel 4 yrs for Scott Bros Wells River 4 yrs for Gen RM Richardson at Wells River one year in part ownership with the latter 8 yrs Went to Michigan 1854 settled at Saugatuck near mouth of Kalamazoo river built lumber mill and bought tract of timber in lumber bus 20 yrs with lumberyard at Kenosha Wis rem to Allegan Mich 1884 He m 1864 Tamar W only dau Boyd W Phillips of Allegan where they live
    i Winona b Saugatuck Oct 18 1865 m 1st Oct 17 1887 A Mahew Sherwood of Allegan who d Dec 22 1894 2d Nov 11 1902 Artus W Sherwood bro of first hus Ch by 1st m 1 Mignon Moore b March 17 1889 2 Horace Mayhew b March 25 1894
    ii Maude b March 16 1868 d June 1871 bur Saugatuck
    iii Pearl W b Kenosha Wis Oct 3 1872 m June 8 1 898 JS Gray ot Chatham Can Ch Muriel Eleanor b Jan 8 1902
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  27. San Francisco Call, Volume 104, Number 182, 29 November 1908
    Hunting Accidents of Season in United States
    [Special Dispatch to The Call] Killed Injured. Connecticut ......... 0 1 Florida ............. 1 0 Illinois .... 7 4 Indiana 3 4 Iowa 0 3 Kansas 1 1 Kentucky 0 1 Maryland 0 1 Michigan . . ......... 5 15 Minnesota ..... 8 4 North Dakota 1 0 New York. .......... 1 3 Ohio ................ 0 1 Pennsylvania ....... 1 1 South Dakota. . . ... . 0 3 Vermont 1 0 Washington ........ 2 0 Wisconsin .......... 8 15 Canada . .... .... . . . 4 0 New Brunswick 1 0 Total ... ...... 44 57
    CHICAGO, Nov. 28.— The hunting season, which for deer, closes Monday, has been much less deadly than those of previous years. Only 44 persons were accidentally killed this year, against 72 In 1907 and 74 in 1906.
    The number of injured also shows a falling off, the number for 1908 being 57, against 81 in 1907 and 70 in 1906. Over half the fatal accidents happened In the states of Illinois, Michigan. Minnesota; and Wisconsin, .the number in those states being 7,5, 8, and 8, respectively. An unusual feature this year was the killing of two women, Mrs. Jacob Gantz of Warsaw, Ind., being killed by her husband, who had shot at a hawk, and Mrs. Albert Skinner.of Peru, Ind., who met death at the hands of her husband, who accidentally shot her as he was starting on a hunting trip. On well known Chicago man .was a victim. He was Sidney B.Tremble, a broker. He was shot by Frank Stuart, his hunting companion, while in Kansas. Tremble bled to death before assistance could be secured. Judge J. C. McKinnon of Marianna, Fla., also was killed. A hunting companion attempted to climb a fence, carrying three guns. One. was discharged, and Judge McKinnon, who was near him, received the charge in the abdomen. Five of the dead were mistaken for deer and 10 were drowned.
    (Some things never change!!)

  28. Your days out has certainly led you to some wonderful discoveries! I love the orchard shots, especially the old truck, but my absolute favorite is the windmill shot! I love how you captured it from the side instead of straight on. It is simply beautiful!


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