Sunday, October 20, 2013

Taking the Backroads - No Trespassing, Hunting or Entering

Each week my backroads adventure seems to take on some kind of theme, and this week was no different.

I am pretty sure that none of these signs were meant for me, only hoodlums and hunters.

I again found myself headed north this week. A lot of times I base my decision on the weather, but most of the time it is wherever pops into my head.

Road Signs
I started out on M-120 just north of Muskegon, but was quickly diverted by a Street Sign that said River Road.

I have to say that River Road was quite a disappointment since I never saw even a glimpse of the river.  When I came to the intersection of River Road and Holton Duck Lake Road, I had serious doubts about any Duck Lake. Being the ever adventurous one though, I thought I give it a try. Holton Duck Lake Road did not let me down.

This was also the perfect spot for my weekly Chai Latte cup shot.

Once back to M-120 headed towards Fremont, I passed this lovely barn. Not one to let a good barn get away, I turned around to get a photo of it.

Fremont is home to Gerber Baby Food.

Glen's parents use to camp in nearby Newaygo. When we went up to stay with them for the weekend, we would often go in to Fremont to the Walmart because we forgot something or there was an awesome pizza place downtown.

I did go to my first Estate Sale while I was in Fremont.

Basically what that taught me was...what I consider a treasure, my family will not. Also do not hang on to 1970's style clothing and purses, they are not going to come back into fashion. Although they did have some great vintage children's books. I did not buy any though because someday they will just be in my Estate Sale.

Disappointed in Fremont's offerings for the day, I figured I would head toward the campground where Glen's parents use to camp.

County Road B35
I had great success with County Road B15 last week, and B35 did not let me down either.

I am thinking this is an old schoolhouse, because of the playground equipment, but it could have been a church as well I guess.

The windows were too high for me to see inside.

And there was NO way I was crawling down through this window.

This fence was so lovely in the side yard.

As I turned around from taking this picture, my heart did a somersault and a YEEK! escaped my lips,  I was staring into the lifeless eye of a dead deer. Glad I saw that after I got my fence photo.

I continued on B35 towards Coopersville. I did not have expectations for anything else for the day, but I was getting hungry and knew I could find some lunch there. 

Of course once I got to Coopersville the lunch plan was delayed for a while when I came across this treasure...

Another photography Heaven event. Post on this coming tomorrow.

Joining Helen for her Weekend Walk party.


  1. I sure enjoyed meandering with you. Glimpses of nature and old buildings were wonderful.

  2. Well, Sarah, this was a nice collection of photos of your day. The misty-ness of Duck Lake is truly awesome! Finding so many interesting places and things is always worth going on an outing with the camera. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fantastic images Sarah ...Just FANTASTIC

  4. Love to read your blog and see your treasures. Love the photos, too. Thanks.

  5. This was an amazing trip. So many delightful things to see.

  6. Great road trips you have !. Love the cool shots you get too. The dirt road with the foiliage would be a great place for me to have taken our shetland pony, Think , for a cart ride , just beautiful .

  7. You have photographer's eyes.

  8. You know, it's just plain fun to head out on an adventure with you, Sarah. You had your eyes - and mind - open enough to capture many beautiful opportunities.


  9. I really love that second-to-last fence shot. But they are all beautiful here, Sarah. Love it when you go ramblin'!

  10. What a nice ramble! There are so many great shots I had to scroll up and down a couple times to take it it. I've never been to an estate sale - I think I've already hit the point where I want to get rid of things. I find that I'm pretty merciless with my things, now, whenever I spend a day cleaning.

  11. fabulous day, with wonderful photos, those colours are so pretty and I do love the old buildings/barns.

  12. Good morning Sarah! Another fun adventure you are doing a wonderful job. I really like the processing on the photos at the pond especailly the queens ann lace. I also saw your sunset photo spotlighted on Focusing on Life. Great job!

  13. Wow a great find love the train carriage your photography is fantastic.

  14. Just awesome fall shots! And love your backroads idea. Something I totally love to do. I was recently up in your area... actually in Door County in Wisconsin, and am an Illinois girl myself.

  15. Wow- I love the light in your photos - as you know ,you inspired me to capture something similar this week but the sun is nowhere to be seen so far and the forecast for the rest of the week is glum. Love the peeling paint and the train carriage. Thanks for linking.

  16. You got some really awesome shots this go round. I really like that water tower. I've never seen a blue one.

  17. Love your journey's . . . great photography . . . very close to me my dear . . . next time I am bringing you right to my door for a visit.

  18. Oh, those lake images are wonderful! They feel mysterious and magical. Also love the train car. It's always so exciting to find something totally unexpected. I enjoyed your wanderings!


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