Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An Antiquing Adventure

I have fallen in love with still life photography for the following reasons:

  • I needed something else to photograph besides snow
  • It is warmer in my house than it is outside
  • I can rearrange the scene as many times as I want, shoot, load on the computer and then go back shoot some more
  • BUT the BEST reason of all is the PROPS!
On my Creative Inspiration Day last week Friday I decided to take a trip to a nearby Antique Mall in the hunt for some new (old) photography props.

This is quite a large Antique Mall with lots of rows of treasures. I didn't see any signs that I couldn't take pictures, but I still tried to be fairly discreet about it. The beauty of an iPhone :)

The hardware drawer in this booth was filled with lots of odds and ends.

There were quite a few old typewriters around, ranging in price and condition. I don't have need of one yet :)

I loved these word flash cards, but don't have a use for them right now.

At first I thought this was a Victorian Era travel carrying case for a roll of toilet paper...

I was very tempted by the scale at this booth. The owner of this booth happened to be there and we wound up chatting about antiques and photography. It is so awesome when the shared love of photography can create some wonderful conversations with strangers.

Loved this 1950's Zenith T.V.

My mom had a bun warmer like this when I was growing up except her's was green.

And finally the treasures that I did take home with me.

I enjoyed going Antiquing so much that this might just become a once a month Walk and Click Adventure.


Karen Lakis said...

This was a fun walk! I love going to antique shops and poking around, as well as talking with shopkeepers. I've never tried taking photos - I might have to give it a try. You're going to have fun with your new treasures.

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this walk. I sometimes visit our local antique mall with the same things in mind, so we must be kindred spirits. You know, you could have made that cuff box into something for your bathroom. LOL


msdewberry said...

I love going into antique stores! Its like a treasure trove of photo opportunity! I have only been asked once not to take photos, so have been really lucky in that respect. My hubby is more likely to find something in an antique store that just has to come home with him!

Anonymous said...

I love prowling antique shops, but never thought of seeking out photo props there. In my case, that's probably a good thing, because I don't know where I'd store them!

Jessica said...

awesome typewriters!! I just told my husband today that I needed more dish props... I don't think he understood... Looks like a lot of fun. I do love hunting around in places like that. There is always so many possibilities. : _)

Cathy H. said...

What a fun walk, strolling aroung looking for prompts! I've always wanted an old typewriter. They are so cool to phograph. I don't do a lot of still life, but I'm very interested in learning. To me, it would be learning process. My little setups sometimes just seem flat and lifeless! Maybe that will be my summer project when it will be way too hot for me to be outside!!

Lissa Forbes said...

Oh Sarah, I just love how creative you get about where you walk!! This stroll through the antique shop is so cool. I WANT one of those typewriters!! Not because I'd use it really, but just because I love old things sometimes and this particular item represents the the creative writer in me. I bet it's so fun to have found something to take home. I'm guessing we'll see a bit of that scale in the future!! ;-> Thanks for joining Walk and Click Wednesday!!

She Who Doodles said...

some of the antique shops these days are pretty large, you can get a pretty nice walk in. what a great place to take photos. the scales will be a great prop for all kinds of things. can't wait to see how you use it next.

Roxi H said...

Oh you found a great scale! Good for you. I would love to have a typewriter. But I don't want one that weighs a ton. So that leaves them all out of the picture. the red was fab.