Sunday, June 23, 2019

Looking for a Message

I was never one of those soccer moms sitting around the coffee shop on a Wednesday morning with a group of other moms, all of us in running shorts and ponytails. Talking about how overbooked our kids are for the summer. Instead, I use to be a lone photographer/writer who sat at a table nearby soaking up their conversation like a sponge.

On this day, I may be sitting at a table nearby, but I am only half interested in their conversation. I am busy reviewing the images I have taken so far for the morning with my camera.

For my outing this week - Exercise No. 26 from the book Shooting with Soul - A Message from the Universe. I am searching for a message from someone, anyone.


  • Photographing messages from the universe is a simple and soulful process. First and foremost, you need to slow down enough to notice what the universe has to offer you. 

The universe is saying it is raining, go sit in the coffee shop and have a snack. Forced slow down.

  • Once something catches your eye and touches your heart, pay attention to how the light looks in that environment. Make sure that the message is clear and not obscured by shadows or glare.
No worries there since it is gray and overcast, not a chance of a shadow or a glare.

  • Eliminate any clutter from the frame that might interfere with the main interest of your shot and focal point -- then shoot away.
I don't like cluttery frames, so I will be good there.

On the practical side, this should be an easy exercise. I love words. I love typography. But I don't put a lot of stock in messages from the universe. But yet, I do believe that nothing happens "out of the blue".  Maybe that is my way of being comfortable with messages from the universe.

Insight from this lesson

I loved doing this lesson, compared to the first one, while I was doing it. But I find in my contentment with the lesson it is harder to shape fresh insights about photography and about myself. Apparently, I need frustration and angst to write a good story.


Lynne said...

I enjoy your posts, photos, thoughts . . .
I Learn and Listen . . .
and like I said . . . enjoy.

Cathy H. said...

You found some great "messages from the universe!" My favorite is the message with the little piece of chalk left behind. You're viewpoint is perfect!! I love typography and enjoy looking at photos that include it, but I've never done much myself.

Electric | Journal said...

The angle on the sidewalk message is great... it leaves me knowing that there are words there, but also wondering what it says. Love it!

Karen Lakis said...

Interesting exercise! Do you recommend this book? I’d love some new exercises in another month or so - soulful ones sound perfect. I definitely do believe in signs or signals from the universe. The way things played out for me over the last few months definitely felt like not-so-subtle prodding from somewhere beyond me. I even googled the concept of “throwing it out to the universe” which was quite interesting, also.

I’m kind of fascinated by that crossing sign - so much explanation for symbols that I kind of thought were universally understood. Maybe our crossing signs are just old and outdated.

I do think this was a good story, though, even if you weren’t frustrated or in a great deal of angst.

Carola Bartz said...

Those are some very cool messages you found. "Naut so ordinary" is definitely not ordinary - I love it!