Sunday, February 11, 2018


They came to measure for our new kitchen countertops this past week.

This remodel has been five years in the making. First, we had to save the money so we could pay cash. Second, we were waiting for Scout to pass on, so that the remodeling wouldn't be hard on him. Third, we were trying to make up our minds how long we will live in this house yet, because that determined how much we would spend and how much we would remodel.

Well, the money is all there and then some. Scout crossed the rainbow bridge over a year ago. We have decided we will probably be here another five years or so. We have scaled back from a total gut job with a price tag of $50K to a much more reasonable refresh of under $15K.

The decisions have been made, the money has been paid, and the process has begun. We are keeping the oak cabinets and having them reconditioned. But I am getting quartz countertops, tile backsplash, and new laminate wide wood plank flooring.

When we first moved into this house over fourteen years ago, I thought this would finally be my dream kitchen - a farmhouse kitchen, with a large white farmhouse sink, granite countertops, natural stone backsplash, chef grade appliances, and dark wide-planked wood floors. Fourteen years ago, I enjoyed cooking much more than I do today.

It was our intention to replace these countertops much earlier than is actually happening. I have never liked them from the start. Too light, to textured, too chipped, too dated. But, once you start thinking about replacing one thing, you realize then you need to replace another thing, so we did the easiest thing - nothing. Well, nothing time is over and it is time for something, a lot of somethings.

As I waited for the countertop measurers to come, I began to really think about these countertops. How many friends and family have sat in these chairs over the years, sharing stories while meals were prepared. How many years of newspaper ink is ground into the countertop. How many meals I have produced here, always complaining about the bad lighting. The dog paws that have rested on the edge of the counter, Scout was a bad one for counter surfing. All these memories made me get out my camera and take some photographs to document our past. Our past with this kitchen, with these countertops, with these chairs. The good thing is that we have at least five years to make memories with the new kitchen.

End Notes

Glen and I finished our Whole 30 food challenge strong. And then right afterwards we went away for the weekend.

Other than wine, and trying a couple things that had been on the do not eat list for January, we found ourselves mostly sticking to our Whole 30 way of life. We are now exploring a mostly Paleo lifestyle.  The one downside of Whole 30 was the lack of a social life while on it, gatherings and fellowship involve food. We are happy to be able to dine out again, just trying to make smarter choices.

I briefly hit a brick wall with my 365 photography project this past week - Day 156. I really, really wanted to quit. I was uninspired, there was nothing to photograph anywhere. But then I thought - 155 days in, I can't quit. So I took a photograph of a dictionary page with the word light on it. It was boring, but somehow that light got in me, I picked up the camera the next day and started photographing my kitchen.


  1. Excited for your new “refreshed” kitchen happening . . .
    Pick me ups are good for us.
    Especially when we have saved the money first . . . to go forward!
    Loved the video and the Stanley tape measure, chipped laminate pics!
    Think . . . light . . .

  2. A kitchen revamp! How exciting!
    I really enjoyed your little video of your travels in a snowy environment, the falling snow and the coffee breaks! Really well done, Sarah!

  3. The kitchen update will be a nice update before spring, good to have saved for it. If you do move house will you relocate or stay in the same area? The video was a nice snapshot of northern life.

  4. Perhaps you will find yourself enjoying cooking more once again, inspired by your "new" kitchen and your Whole 30 adventure. I love that you photographed the details of your kitchen as it is now, as a tribute to all those years of memories. Loved the glimpse of your Northern weekend, too!

  5. We're slowly beginning to re-do our house. We started with the 1990's deep wine colored walls that made me feel as though I was in a cave for most of the year! Now, they're a very light blue-green-grey color (depending on the light, those are the three colors that the walls go through). Winter is easier this year because of the new paint.

    The kitchen is next . . . .

  6. Congratulations on your "refresh," Sarah!
    As you write about here, there are so many memories in our kitchens.
    Surely, we spend most of our time in ours when family and friends visit. I also love to bake, so even when no one is around, it is where I spend a lot of time.

    Do keep us posted, and have a great week ahead!

  7. I can't even tell you how impressed I am with your videos!!!

    It's funny how we can become sentimentally attached to something we didn't really like to begin with - memories... You'll love the refresh, though, and will soon be making new memories. I don't really love cooking, but do like a nice kitchen - it seems to be the room everyone gathers in.

  8. Great little film. :) And a good way to get your self unstuck in the photo project.

  9. The kitchen really is the heart of the home and there are so many memories made there. Before we redid our kitchen about 8 years ago, I let Megan put stickers on the front of the cabinets. She loved it. :) I enjoyed your video. Video really brings the viewer into the scene. It makes it feel like we are really there. I have never done any video work, except snippets with my iphone, but you are certainly piquing my interest with your great videos.

  10. What a cool idea to take pictures of your kitchen before the remodel, and really interesting pictures. I hope the remodel will be a good experience and not take too long.
    And another beautiful movie!

  11. How exciting to be remaking your kitchen! I would love to get new counter tops, but we need flooring more. I love your travel video. It was so peaceful with the snowy scenes and beautiful music!

  12. I have enjoyed seeing your videos. I want to make one but will probably make that a Spring project.

    Remodeling is a head ache but you will enjoy your new kitchen once completed. I will look forward to your sharing the process.

  13. Congratulations on your new kitchen... however much of it you decide to do is great! It may not be the kitchen you dreamed of all those years ago, but that's OK. Just think of all the new memories you will make there! Looking forward to seeing the process.

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