Sunday, September 10, 2017

At First Glance

At first glance, and let's be honest that's all we will give it, the culture of fast scrolling and double tapping so ingrained in us, we see a dog resting peacefully on a brown couch.

But as we scroll past and do a double tap, did we note what kind of dog is was? What was the material of the couch the dog rests on? Where was the light coming from? What time of day was it?

Twenty pictures further along in the feed, will we even remember we saw the dog?

Trust me, the finger I am pointing at you is also hastily scrolling on the screen on my own device. But  in your haste, in my haste, what are we missing? Are we missing the story, the hint of what lies deeper?

As you scrolled and tapped did you wonder how old the dog is? Did you wonder what his name is? Would you guess that this is a rare moment, the sweet adolescent for once sitting still long enough for me to manually focus on the catch light in his eye? Did you notice his catfish long whiskers?

What about the hint of what lies beyond the dog and the couch? Are you curious enough to run your eyes around the edge of the frame? Curious enough to linger?

I have been trying to be more intentional in my own social media browsing, taking my time to drink in the details, run my eyes along the edge of the frame. Is there something there that intrigues me? I will never know if I scroll at the speed of lightening.

My daughter's former boss and her husband are taking an extended road trip, exploring back roads and local small town eateries. I want to follow their trip. I'm curious to see where they go, make notes for our own future trips. I need to slow the scrolling, take time to linger, see where people are going, read their stories. I want to invest in their stories, I want to invest in my own story.

I want to find my way back to curiosity.


  1. I did see the the light in the eye of this lovely dog, the softness of his fur and how his ears were laid and the whiskers. I do love lingering on a photograph, taking in all the details that I love to notice. Finding your way back to curiosity sounds like a good plan to me! Wishing you a happy Sunday!

  2. THIS is exactly why I love reading blogs, and what bothers me most about Instagram. Plus the fact that I can decide for myself which blogs to read and follow, while on Instagram some algorithm decides for me what I get to see. Follow someone new and old friends disappear from the feed and silently drop out of sight. A wonderful post, Sarah. Thought-provoking.

  3. Very true - but even more is I find my lack of patience to stop and say hello preferring to instead simply tap "like" and move on. I think this will have a much greater impact on our social skills than any of us would like to admit or even contemplate.
    Serine pup, soothing light, calming neutral brown hues. Catfish whiskers- not as much.

  4. Oh so true, Sarah! So much focus on our devices that the world and all it's beauty threatens to pass us by. I am guilty. But I love the look in Finley's eyes and wonder what HE is focused on. Or is he just dreaming? I just love this image. I'm glad you were able to capture a moment of quiet.

  5. I did wonder when I saw this photo... is this Findlay, or your beloved Scout? Is he relaxed, or merely resigned to yet another moment spent with you and a camera? And I did notice the beautiful light, and the contrast between brown leather and silky golden coat. I agree that it's good to see, really see, the world around us, and that includes seeing everything in a photograph. After all, the photographer has spent time composing the shot, including what she or he wants us to see. It seems rude not to take the time to look at it. Beautifully written, Sarah.

  6. Very thought provoking Sarah! And I always love your intentionslity

  7. Great reminder Sarah! I know that taking photos makes me look, not just see, but there are so many images in Facebook - especially photography pages - it is hard to take the time. I will take a little longer now and appreciate the thoughtfulness the photographer put into the shot. And look to the edges for unseen items. I did think about your photo and thought it was Findlay and how sleepy he looked. Since my Cleo is two years old, I know about the few moments of quiet! Again, thanks for the reminder!

  8. Thank you for sharing parts of your life through photos and writings. I always enjoy reading your blog to find out what you have been up to and where you are going. You always seem to find the most interesting places to explore.

  9. Really liked this Sarah . . .
    Wondering if this was Findley . . . or Scout a few years ago . . .
    I am going with Findley . . .
    and wondering if he is enjoying a rest on the leather sofa
    BUT is listening for the reprimand . . .
    "OFF . . . NOW!"

    I think I sometimes spend too much time looking at detail and
    wondering about what I am not able to see.

    Love this kind of post!

  10. Interestingly enough I remembered this photo because it kind of stuck with me when I first saw it in either my facebook or instagram feed. Probably because the dog reminds me of my friend's dog who has very rare moments of being still.
    Your questions and thoughts are so appropriate in this age when we go through our social media like there's no tomorrow. A quick "like", but no comment. I'm guilty of that behavior as well, and sometimes skip social media all together.

  11. Well said! and I did ponder at the dog's photo and wonder a few questions like what's his name? and what his favourite toy is. He's very cute though.

  12. So very true, Sarah! I miss the blogs that are closing for this very reason. I want more than just flipping through pictures, I want to know the stories and the feelings. Lately I've been very neglectful of my own blog, choosing less words, and posting less. It's a slump I'm in and hopefully it will correct itself soon. I always love to visit here and here about you!

  13. Definitely a good reminder, Sarah.
    Everything is so fast-paced now, but I for one, have chosen not to go this route.
    I absolutely love Instagram quite simply because there is truly so much talent there, but I never have and never will rush through double-tapping all the way. I do the same when visiting blogs. If I don't have the time, I don't do it, and when I do, I do so intentionally.

  14. Such a beautiful shot of your dog. I loved it. Your words are very true. We really do need to take time to look around us and really see the world.

  15. Oh this is wonderful! I always tell people to "tune in", because the details really can make all the difference in the world! And when I look at this dog photo...I thought of a funny caption that my daughter showed me recently about another dog just staring off into space...owner to the dog - "what did you do while I was out...I WAITED FOR YOU TO COME HOME!" Ah, I do love my dog! Great post, Sarah! And what a lovely shot!

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  17. I love this post Sarah. I haven't been able to read blogs for since last spring and am slowly getting caught up.
    I have relished most of them and really have to soak them in to catch up on what is going on in their lives. This reminds me to keep taking that time to really know the essence of the person and what they are sharing.


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