Monday, April 17, 2017

Make A Wish

Can you make a wish in a fountain that has no water? Is it the water that makes a wish come true, is it the penny, is it the fountain? Or is it the person who believes in magical things.

Standing with penny in hand, ready to throw, I ponder this thought.

The fountain in front of me is filled with last autumn's leaves, crumpled candy wrappers, and pennies from the past, but no water. Will adding my penny make any difference?

What things will I wish for if I throw my penny?

I wish...
--to stop trying to figure out either/or and be content being both a photographer and a writer
--for a long and happy marriage
--for my daughter to find someone who cherishes her. Don't we all deserve that?
--to travel near and far
--to have a dog like my dear Scout again someday
--to have a cottage on a small lake with a dock, where magical things happen
--to be involved in art retreats for women

We don't get all our wishes, and some of our wishes will change over time, but we must keep collecting those pennies and tossing them in fountains, whether they have water or not.


  1. Interesting thoughts today. You got me thinking. Without wishes there is no hope... and people need hope to carry on.
    PS: Making a wish in Canada is more expensive. There are no pennies in circulation. (‾⌣‾)

  2. Love this - wishing you an excellent week! Wishing for warmer temps to come & stay. Loving your idea to be involved in art retreats for women - I've wished that too.

  3. Wonderful thoughts . . .
    Keep those wishes alive . . .
    The best is yet to be . . .

  4. Yes, keep making those wishes!

  5. May all of your wishes come true, Sarah!

  6. What a lovely post!
    Hoping that all of your wishes come true!
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  7. I make wishes and always pray about them. This was so relaxing to read before bed.

  8. I love the sound of all your wishes! There is something magical about throwing a penny in a fountain with water in it, watching the coin carry our wish as it travels through the glistening water to rest on the bottom. Some wishes are within our power to make them come true, for others, we just have to wait and see!

  9. Lovely wishes! I hope they all come true. And nothing brings as much joy as seeing your child being cherished by another. I wish that for you too. And I would wish for anyplace where magical things happen.

  10. I suspect that most of your wishes will come true, because you will work to make it so! It's one of the things I admire about you.

  11. I have never thought about which element (water, fountain or wisher) makes the wish come true. Maybe in the is the wisher who brings the wish to life. :)


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