Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Canon 6D

Does your brain hurt when you learn new things? I know at 48, mine does. I have put myself in the predicament of learning a few new things.

First, due to the untimely coma of my Canon 70D cropped sensor dslr, and having to send it in for repair, I have rented a Canon 6D full frame. The basics of the 6D were very similar to my 70D, but its the little things, like remembering to change the setting to shoot in RAW and not JPEG. It was a day before I realized that - oops!

Then there was a little glitch in my first full day of shooting with the rental camera. I was out on an adventure day, at the very same state park I was at the week before when my own camera died and I got rained on. Only an hour into my morning, I decided to use the porta potty (chai latte you know), just as I was finishing, my back decided to spasm and tightened up on me. I have had back problems on and off all my adult life. I can go years without problems, and then have several episodes within a six month time span. Thankfully due to my working out at the gym, the episodes are not near as severe as they once were (before the gym and this would have happened, I would have been lying on the floor of that porta potty unable to move, not a pleasant picture) and now they only last a day or two, before it would have been a week of couch time. But still two days of down time cut into my week of renting. I hesitate to go back to the same state park for a third time this week, but as I discussed with a friend on Wednesday, it will either be three strikes and I'm out, or third times the charm. I guess we will see...

The second thing I am learning is patience. I hate having to continually learn patience. 

The third thing I am trying to learn is Lightroom's Print Module, so I can make come custom templates for my blog. I have played around with the module before, but it has been a while, and if you don't use it you lose it. I lost it. 
L - Canon 6D -- R - Canon T2i
I was awake at 1 a.m. Friday morning trying to figure where to go to do the comparison shots I wanted to do with the 6D and my old cropped sensor Canon the T2i. Seeing is always believing. I don't think I got back to sleep until 4 a.m., but at least I came up with a solution - Windmill Island. I wanted someplace close, so I didn't have to drive far, but had interesting and varying sights. Also where it wasn't far to the car to switch cameras, there was no way I was carrying both, due to the back issue. 

I haven't been to Windmill Island since Tulip Time - a very popular festival here in our town. I always forget how beautiful the gardens are until I go, and then I think - why don't I come here more often? It is free to local residents. Note to self - add Windmill Island to my repertoire of local shooting locations. 

The top photo was shot with the Canon 6D full frame, the bottom photo shot with the Canon T2i cropped sensor. In both instances I used the 35mm f/1.4L lens. I stood in approximately the same place for each photo. Quite the difference. 
The photo on the left was the Canon 6D, the photo on the right the Canon T2i. I stood in the same place for both and processed both the same. 

I chose the Canon 6D to rent over the Canon 5D Mark lll mainly because of weight, the 6D being a bit lighter. My only concern was focusing points, the 5D Mark lll has 64, the 6D only has 13. Thus far it hasn't been a problem, and it makes me think about my composition. 

Canon T2i

I love using prime lenses. I think having shot a lot with my iPhone over the past few years has taught me to move my body instead of the lens. Now when I do have a zoom lens on my camera, I forget half the time that it moves. 

I extended my rental of the 6D for a couple more days, due to the loss of a couple of days, so I have a little more time, but thus far I would say the 6D is a winner. 

Update on my camera repair - I know that Canon has received my camera, they sent a lovely email, and it looks like it is still under warranty, but other than that I am still waiting to hear if they figured out what is wrong with it.


  1. It's always interesting to compare cameras and the kind of shots they take and which ones you prefer! I agree that the learning curve on something new is not my favourite part either and it certainly needs patience and perseverance. You seem to have done a very good job!

  2. Beautiful images I love the light. I couldn't manage a full frame with my medical issues. But I bet it was a treat to be able to play. I hope your back issues don't stop your adventures.

  3. You chose a beautiful place for you comparison! And, yes, my brain hurts when I have to learn something.

  4. You are selling me on a full frame camera - bad thing with Nikon, I can't use the same lenses for the full frame that I am using on my crop sensor. But - I knew that and am saving to to purchase the whole kit & kaboodle!
    Hope your back is feeling better - I fully understand what those spasms do to a person, not fun at all.

  5. I'm glad you shared this....and hope your back is doing better. I'm shooting with my Rebel T3. It has served me well and continues to do so. I need a new roof...new roof, new camera? You know. I like seeing the difference and the 6D had been suggested. Meanwhile I'm thinking-not only the cost of the camera, but also new lenses I believe will be needed for the difference to full frame. that's even more Cha-ching. I guess I'm going to stick for now, get a new roof, and hope that I sell a lot of calendars and senior portraits and some prints.

    Hope you're well. Miss you and am always glad to catch your images on FBook from time to time. We've both changed so much from when we met years ago.
    Be well.

  6. Love your comparisons Sarah. I've had a full frame for a couple of years and love it. Looks as if you are enjoying your trial of this camera, but sorry about your back, that is no fun

  7. Wow, Sarah, that first image is just gorgeous! I'm really glad your back improved quickly enough for you to get out and have a good test run with the full-frame Canon. I have a feeling someone's getting a new camera soon.... :-)

  8. I am glad your back improved enough to go out shooting again. The third time was definitely a charm. I love the fence shot with the horse in the background. Your comparison shots really do show a difference between cameras. I need to send my Nikon body in to get 'cleaned'. It had an issue and I can't seem to find the right time to be without a camera. Renting sounds like a viable option so I wouldn't be without one, and maybe try something new...

  9. I would say so too, Sarah.
    I love the photos you made with it.
    As for the focus points (and just my opinion here!), you will never use the 64 points, and if you do, it will drive you crazy! Tip? Set the camera for back button focus, set a static focus point in the middle of the frame, focus, and recompose to get the shot you want. It takes some getting used to, but once you do get used to it, you won't go back. Promise!

    Happy day to you!

  10. You take great pictures with what ever you shoot with. That said...I really love your image of the gate with the rusty chain and shiny new lock. Beautiful!

  11. I like seeing the comparison photos . . .
    No matter what you are using . . . I have never seen a bad photo . . .
    I can usually discern between . . .
    But they all seem great . . .
    Easy on that back. I hope you feel better!

  12. Wonderful, now I am waiting to hear if you want to switch?

  13. Oh, Lightroom...I've started to learn it three times and then drift away. That must happen this winter!

  14. I have the 5D Mark III and it is heavy! So smart to compare the two cameras. And yes, my brain hurts when I learn new things. xo

  15. wow - these are fantastic comparisons - not to mention fantastic shots! I'm not sure why, but I'm liking the ones shot on the 6D. I laughed out loud when you mentioned your head hurting when learning something new - I was just thinking this afternoon that it's been so long since I last posted on my blog that I'm not sure I remember how - an my head started hurting... Oh well, I'm hoping it's a little like riding a bike - we'll see...

  16. I haven't tried lightroom and I see all the beautiful presets offered and I wonder if I haven't made a horrible mistake buying and using PS because that's what I'm comfortable with instead of trying something new. Sometimes I get so confused as what I really want my photos to look like....

  17. P.S. thanks for the side sides...and hope your baby come backs with a clean bill of health....soon


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