Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Rainy Morning on the Peninsula

I knew that the forecast for the day was for an 80% chance of rain and storms. This is my second day of being alone, although I am not really alone, the dogs are here. Granted they are sleeping soundly and obviously comfortable.

I had saved up some photo editing in the event of a rainy day. Since I work on my iMac at home, I had to work out an alternative solution while on vacation and using my laptop. Cleverly I  brought along my extra external hard drive where I can put put edited Lightroom photos, without messing up my main external hard drive and my Lightroom catalogue. I was all set to load photos from my first full SD card when I realized I didn't bring my card reader. Then I stopped and thought a moment, always a wise decision. I think my laptop has a SD slot. Sure enough, back in business. I started loading the first 319 photos.

I changed where I usually sit in this rented home away from home. Normally I sit with my back to the french doors and the view outside. I guess a creature of habit, sitting at the same place as I would at home. Today Riley was lying behind my usual chair so instead of making him move, I moved instead. The things we do for our dogs. I sat so I was looking out the french doors, down the lawn to the lake. A much better view than that of the kitchen.

I sit here surrounded by visible signs of vacation; a Yahtzee game, a deck of cards, a magazine on the Best of Midwest Travel, a completed library book and an in-process library book, as well as a cup of tea. I can easily get lost looking out the french doors watching the rain fall and the mist gather over the lake. Then I realized that is exactly what vacation is, doing what ever you want and enjoying every moment of it.

The only sounds I hear are the rain falling on the patio, the sound of the dryer running, I love having a washer and dryer in the cottage. The laundromat is to be avoided at all cost, although I do think there could be some good stories there, none the less, I prefer to be doing other things will my clothes are getting clean. The only other sound is the infernal ticking of the metal rustic lodge looking wall clock. The very same clock that I pull the battery out of in the middle of the night when I come downstairs to sleep, because I am either too hot upstairs or the dogs dry-mouth smacking is driving me crazy.

The rain has slowed for the moment, so it is a good time to take the dogs out for a potty break.

Back inside, I return to the table, begin my 3rd cup of tea for the morning and revisit my laptop and the photos I am suppose to be editing. The photo I am working on is one I took of Mallory as she stood at the end of the dock. Her idea, my camera, along with some photos on her iPhone for her. I am having a hard time deciding which one I like best of the eleven I have edited with a variety of presets. I think this is my favorite, at least for the moment.

All of a sudden I notice a movement out of the corner of my eye. There to the left in the yard is a graceful, long legged doe. She cautiously crosses the yard. Thankfully Scout doesn't see her, since he is now lying where Riley was earlier. The doe enters the woods and out of my sight, so I look down towards the lake and I see a mama duck floating past the dock with a half dozen or more ducklings following in a line behind her.

Yes, a perfect rainy morning on the peninsula.


  1. It does sound perfect to me. Enjoy.

  2. Wonderful description of your day on vacation. Also really think this shot of mallory is done very nicely. i also have a imac and just got a new laptop. i have a lot to learn about how to interact with the two of these computers. Will be a learning curve. Enjoy your down time and looks as if you have a great handle on how to do this.

  3. Oh my, what a beautiful setting, sun or rain . . . very nice cottage for you to relax, reflect, recline . . .
    Love the chosen photo of Mallory . . .
    How fortunate you have this "other home" to enjoy the summer temperatures, water and exploring.
    Enjoy . . .

  4. Love the shot of Mallory!! We had one rainy day on our vacation. Since we were on the coastline the house we rented was up on stilts. Guess what...no rain under the house. The kids had a ball playing in the sand while it rained.

  5. I love the photo of Mallory! I always enjoy having a rainy day on vacation. It really does encourage the slowing down, the relaxing, that's the real point of a vacation (for me, anyway). Your rainy morning sounds perfect.

  6. Sounds lovely! The view is perfect.

  7. Sounds perfect to me! I'd like some of that cooler Michigan air right now.

  8. What a blissful holiday. I love the photo of your daughter.

  9. Alone in a cabin on the peninsula sounds perfect, time alone with rain....sounds heavenly. Love the shot of Mallory, iconic.

  10. Sounds to me like the perfect way to spend a vacation...enjoy every moment...
    The photo of Mallory is beautiful...I'd go with that one..

  11. wow great writing I can really 'see' you and hear the rain pattering outside...


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