Thursday, March 27, 2014

2014 Goals - April thru June

This year I broke my goals down into quarters, because trying to set goals for a whole year is impossible for me. Even now, things that I thought were important on January 1st when I made my first  list aren't as important anymore.

Here is a recap of the January thru March goals and their results:

  • Print some of my own photography to hang on my large empty walls

I have made a good start on this, with more to come in April.

  • Take Kim Manley Ort's 50mm Photography class in January. Start and Finish it on time
I did great through Week 3, then things kind of fell apart. But I did discover a new interest in Photography in Week 2. Street Photography…or in this case cruise ship photography.

  • Get an on-line Portfolio of my work put together
This did not happen and is not a high priority at the moment.

  • Schedule specific time into my morning/day to write three times a week
This did not happen either, I will keep working on it.

  • Work through some of my on-line classes
I am making good progress on this, many times watching class videos while I eat lunch.

  • Continue my Back Roads Adventures
Who knew in January that this Winter would be so long. The snow is finally starting to melt. The adventures will be back soon.

  • Blog on a more regular basis
I am doing really well on this, 34 posts to date for the year.

  • Focus on Observation
That has payed off in a big way. A simple observation exercise led to the start of The Coffee Shop Chronicles which has been going very well.

April Through June Goals

  • Continue printing my photographs for the walls
  • Make writing an even bigger part of my life
  • Keep working on my photo processing skills
  • Back Roads Adventures - getting out and exploring
  • Continue Observation exercises, finding a variety of places to sit, observe and write
  • Work on some collaborative projects
  • Read more
  • Get out hiking
  • Delve into Susan Tuttle's The Art of iPhoneography Self-Portraiture Class 
  • I have cute clothes, wear them other than just the weekends
  • Try some new recipes

One big lesson that I have learned is to be open to new things, to change and trust my instincts.


  1. A great brain storming Sarah mine are similar I'm hoping with the milder weather to see my creativity blossom. Love the idea of a collaborative can I volunteer ?

  2. You photos look wonderful on the wall. I have to do more with writing also but I have been trying.

  3. Good for you setting goals, accomplishing some, continuing on with the others . . . I like the Observation One . . . because the Chronicles birthed and I get benefits from it too. Sail on my friend . . .

  4. Have you ever used an app called Yum? Free app, great recipes, photos of each recipe.

  5. I don't set specific goals but printing more pictures is a big desire of mine too!

  6. That's a lot of goals. I love that you are framing your photographs to display. I have some in my kitchen, but I should do more.

  7. I love that you have quarterly goals, and that you put your photography on your walls. As soon as I get finished with a project for a church event I'm going to get some up on mine...although I haven't much room really on my walls. I'm not so great with formal goals, heck I'm not good with short term ones say a couple of hours at my metals class. I'm so bad with decisions that my metals instructor set the timer on her phone for 10 minutes and when she came back I had to have my mind made up on the three focal flowers I'm using in a piece! did work though! ;)

  8. I've never done well with goal setting. But you - fantastic! I love reading your coffee shop chronicles.

  9. You accomplished much in your first quarter Sarah -- I need to go back to my New Year's post to see how I'm doing. :)

  10. I find that I am kind of floating through the first quarter of this year. I am not making much of a progress of anything I wanted to accomplish except with workouts. So I will pat myself on the back for that any way. I love your wall of photos and the the phrases.

  11. Wow - you did so much in your first quarter, and the photos on your walls are fantastic! I like the idea of quarterly goals, it's been so long since I've actually set any... Way to go!

  12. I'm super impressed by your efficiency. I never really thought about doling things out quarterly. You have inspired me! I have an eye doc appt in a few hours and I will using the waiting room time to make my own quarterly goal list. ; )

  13. I never thought about breaking up the year into quarters to use as goal setting. That is sheer genious. Love your work on the wall and I DID happen to notice a certain photo!! That makes makes me happy. I think I'm going to reset some goals in more manageable chunks. Thanks Sarah.

  14. Well thought out and presented goals! Good luck with them. I think flexibility is the key between progress and frustration.

  15. Lovely family wall! Gorgeous yellow flower macro!

  16. I love that flower shot...awesome! Your wall of family photos is very nice, too. I haven't accomplished as much as I'd hoped to so far this year. I think you have a great plan with the quarterly goals.

  17. I admire that you've divided them quarterly and that you are able to let go of the ones that are no longer important for you.

  18. I love how you've broken the goals down into quarters. You have motivated me today to write some goals for myself :) Thank you! ps love the one about the cute clothes! great idea.

  19. That last sentence, that is huge! I really like the large photo of the flower. At least it looks big, maybe it's not. I think I'm not printing my shots big enough. Everyone at Camera Club brings larger prints and they all look better larger. :(

  20. You have done well the first quarter. I agree, that our goals and priorities can change very quickly. It's a good idea to divide up the year! Love your photo wall and that you're printing your photos. I need to do this!

  21. I had not thought of doing this process yet it seems so realistic and doable. Will contemplate this over spring break. Thank you for sharing!


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