Sunday, December 8, 2013

Taking the Backroads - The Need for Speed

Tis that time of year when everything execelerates. The rush to get everything done; the shopping, the decorating, the baking, the exploring.

I felt the need for speed in my backroads adventure this week as well. Instead of going on my usual Friday, I went on Wednesday. Mainly because on Wednesday the temperature was 50 degrees, on Friday the high was suppose to be 23 degrees. I know that I have very little bearable weather left for these adventures until Spring.


I picked a southerly route this week, traveling from my home in Holland south on M-40 to Paw Paw. I have to say that everyone traveling on M-40 had the need for speed. I felt that constantly somebody was riding up my rear end. So I tried to pull over as much as possible. I don't want to hold others up, but I also don't want to be rushed along.

My first stop was Baseline Lake. In the early days of our marriage, Glen and I would come here after work at night or on the weekend to go fishing. We caught lots of bluegill, sunfish and occasionally a Rock Bass, we had some great times out there on the water.

Barn Assortment

I found some beautiful barns on my way down to Paw Paw.

No adventure is complete without a No Trespassing sign.

Paw Paw

I had lunch in Paw Paw. Because it was very congested trying to get out of the restaurant parking lot to turn left, the way I needed to go, I turned right and went down a side street to get back behind the restaurant and be going the direction I needed to go. On the street behind the restaurant was this bit of grunge heaven. A vacant warehouse that is for sale. The warehouse was built in 1900 and has 18,500 square feet, has 15' ceilings and ample parking on site.

These doors were calling to me…

Loved this red boat that was sitting around back of the warehouse.

Of course around back of the warehouse I had my usual paranoia about finding a dead body. Thankfully nothing but weeds and broken glass.

These weeds were growing in the gutter along the roofline of the building.

I love old doors, and these with the broken glass were no exception.

Leaving Paw Paw, I took a different route home. It is good to cover as much scenic territory as possible. I have been wanting to stop at this Dutch market since early fall, when they were actually open, I finally decided to stop on this adventure. I was rewarded with some great vintage playground equipment. I recently wrote a guest post on Vintage Playground toys here on my friend Helen's blog.

I am participating in Tracey Clark's Picture the Holidays, 31 days of photographic prompts. One of them was grounded. I thought this was perfect for that prompt.

Last shot of the day was this sign at the beginning of a row of apple trees. I love how the farm house is visible in the distance.

Are you feeling the need for speed this holiday season?

Joining Helen for Weekend Walks.


  1. What an exciting day. Love your comment about the dead body. I have those thoughts as well around old, empty houses.

  2. Love how the red door pops! Glad you didn't find a dead body!

  3. What a fabulous day you had! Wonderful barns, terrific textures, no dead bodies. Who could ask for more?

  4. You always find so many interesting things on your explorations. I love the picture of the lake, so beautiful and very moody. The barns, grunge, rust, and grasses, just perfect for your photos! No dead body...that's good, too!

  5. Adventure delights . . . thanks for the ride . . . just the right speed . . .

  6. Be careful on these adventures! With the mention of a dead body, now I'll have to worry about where you are headed each week! The playground photos always amaze me how we played on such simple pieces of equipment with so much fun. Now they are so big and bulky with bright colors!

  7. great day with great shots... your adventures are fun to follow.

  8. I am going fast enough right now, thanks. Great post writing and photos. Love those barns. I wonder if there a photo book of barns?

  9. Love the grunge but my favourite is the last one. I am trying to not panic this year .

  10. So many good things here....those barns, especially the black and white, just so fabulous!!

  11. This was a day packed with great images. My favorite of all is the red boat!

  12. Oh....Sarah....That black and white photo of the barn is outrageously good. I love it. We just don't have barns around here. And all the rust and crust is gorgeous. Super post

  13. Love the old, rust & broken have an eye for capturing the everyday of the back roads!!

  14. I love these photos, especially the lake, and also the pops of red. But I also dislike when the speeders ruin my little outings as well. I do a lot of pulling over too.

  15. Your first sentence is perfect. Oh my I feel like I'm running fast and getting nowhere this week... hence the late comment..sorry! Firstly I love the name Paw Paw. And of course the No Trespassing sign is such a torment! And the dead bodies - well I feel like that by the inner city canals - especially under the bridges - we had a fright earlier this year.... Brilliant as ever - such a great series.


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