Friday, October 4, 2013

Taking the Backroads - For Sale

I think there are certain challenges when you take a backroad that you are similar with, yet are looking for new things to discover. You already know all your favorite things, and you think that you know the road like the back of your hand, so you almost challenge it to show you something new.

This was the dilemma I was faced with on Wednesday. I took a road that I am quite familiar with, at least sections of it, so I challenged it (and myself) to show me something new.

Blue Star Highway

The parts I am familiar with are around the Saugatuck/Douglas Michigan area. I haven't been on the whole stretch from Holland to South Haven, since Mallory was working on getting her driving hours, five years ago. I am sure I wasn't paying too close attention to the countryside scenery on that trip. 

This little gem was right in Saugatuck and I have probably driven by it numerous times.

Little worried about the unique themed rooms. Maybe that is why it is for sale.

Blue Star Highway is a very quaint drive, filled with art studios and produce stands. It is the country after all. 

Glenn Shores Golf Course
Once on a more unfamiliar section of Blue Star, I spotted this decaying beauty.

Not being a golfer, I am not familiar with all the golf courses in the area, just the ones that Glen and I have been to. This one is was for sale, and I would say has had been for sale for a while. In doing some research on this place I came across a blog written by one of the former owners, it just sold today. Here is the link to the blog, which he keeps quite up to date, just goes to show you never know what you will find when you start digging around.

As I was taking a photo of this bench outside the ProShop, a dog started barking quite close by. I am a dog lover, but I don't really want to meet one when I am on property I really shouldn't be on. So I skeedaddled quickly back to the car. Which is really too bad because I would have loved to explore some more of that place. 

Morning Coffee
I stopped for my morning Pumpkin Spice Latte at the McDonalds in South Haven. I am sorry McDonalds, but you are no Starbucks. I continued traveling along until I saw the sign for Van Buren State Park. A State Park I had never been to so I decided to pay it a visit with my coffee.

A beautiful beach here, with a few benches to sit on down by the beach. A great place to enjoy the beauty of the day. 

Thunder Mountain Place
This was the day for decaying places for me, which makes me very happy. I love decay.

This looks to be either a former motel, or cabins. Obviously not used in quite a while. This also is For Sale. I couldn't find any information on this place though, so you will just have to enjoy the photographs.

St. Joseph
My end destination for the day was St. Joesph. We come here a few times a year for pizza, Silver Beach Pizza has the best pizza I have ever had, but in the summer come early or you will be waiting 1-2 hours on the weekends.

I was determined to seek out some new places in St. Joe. I found the park with the lighthouse, and I also found that these people are serious about their parking.

I debated about paying for the parking, since it was off-season and the middle of the week, and the main reason I stopped was I had to go to the bathroom. $5 seemed a little steep for parking, but then I figured I would find something for lunch and come back here to eat it, so I would pay the $5. It is a good thing that I did. When I came out of the bathroom there was a Community Service patrol car in the parking lot and they were checking for parking passes. Yes, they did write somebody up that didn't have one. 

I found a great deli in downtown St. Joseph, Broad Street Cafe. I highly recommend. I got a spinach wrapped BLT with Potato Salad to go. I went back to the park where I paid for my day of parking and enjoyed my lunch from here.

It may seem a little strange eating on top of the restrooms, but the view was so worth it.

After lunch I took a wander out to the lighthouse.

An absolutely gorgeous day on Wednesday. I wasn't super happy about switching my Creative Inspiration Day from Friday to Wednesday, but the forecast for Friday said severe thunderstorms and a 70% chance of rain. So I didn't really want to get wet and the most important thing is to get outside. 

Of course Friday came and there was no rain during the day...go figure.

Some Thoughts From the Road
  • Seatbelts - I know they are a safety necessity, but they are annoying when you get in and out of the car often.
  • Weather Forecast - They never get that right.
  • Parking - It pays to pay
  • New tires and a front end alignment works wonders to get rid of wheel vibration when having to travel on the highway at a higher rate of speed.

Joining my friend Helen for her Weekend Walks.


  1. What a great adventure. You did a great job finding new things on the back roads! I visited Saugutuck a couple times many years ago - so charming. The unique themes rooms made me giggle - probably a neat idea, but maybe a different name for it,,,

  2. You found some great new/old interests on your drive...been down that Blue Star Hwy many times since my husband and I used to vacation in Saugatuck every summer for at least 12 years. Miss seeing Michigan each summer....and saw you old post about your home town, Holland, MI. My grandson's wife is from Holland and they were married on Windmill Island 2 years ago. Small world!!

  3. Another great adventure. Those beach scenes make me want to walk along with you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your hike!

  4. Love your style Sarah, the adventure, taking off by yourself, the photographs, decay, (I like it too, surprise, surprise!)

    I experienced similar park meters in Italy . . . Good thing you put your five dollars in!

    The Hooten Motel gave me my first smile of the day . . .

    What an inspiration you are . . .

  5. Such a great eye you have, Sarah. I love that truck bed full of fall flowers and pumpkins. The McD coffee on the beach is hilarious. What a fun day!

  6. It was great reading this and traveling through your day with you. Very enjoyable.

  7. I love travelling with you on your days out I love the lighthouse shots such a great contrast between the red and the blue of the sky..

  8. I'm visiting from Lynne's Irish Garden House. What a lovely drive that was. I enjoyed your photos, especially the red bench and the cobblestone cottages. I'm glad you didn't get a fine for parking without a ticket!

  9. I am always one to love decay on the back roads. I am going to go read about the sale of the golf shop!

  10. I'm loving your back road outings! You have some interesting territory to explore. I love the blue truck filled with flowers, that would certainly brighten my day! I also love the old buildings you found, they're fascinating, especially the rock one and those bright colored doors. looks like you had another beautiful day that ended well with lunch in the fresh air. at least I hope there was fresh air about the bathrooms! :)

  11. Wow - Sarah you made some great discoveries on your trip! I wish you could find out more about those themed rooms - how funny! Your post always leave me feeling hungry but...I don't think I could've eaten whilst sitting above the male loos! Love the light house and the striking colour! Thanks again for linking up with me/

  12. It is sweet somedays to take the road less found a lot of gems on your walk and have presented them so well in words and photo's..
    I have nominated you for the Sunshine are very inspiring to me...
    Check it out here and join in if you pressure though.

  13. Years ago, I spent a week in Saugatuck - thanks for taking me back there again.

  14. Oh the humble old buildings, esp. the motel! I love this stuff!



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