Monday, August 26, 2013

A College Town

The second half of last week I spent moving our daughter back to school and into her first apartment. She goes to Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI. NMU is a good 8 hours from our house in western Michigan (7 hours if you only stop once for gas and a potty break). Marquette is very much a college town, the University is located in the middle of town and everywhere were signs welcoming back NMU students.

Mallory and her room mate were quite excited about their new place, and I have to say as far as college apartments go it was better than I expected. Yes, the carpet is a little nasty, but they did get a fresh off the truck and out of the wrapper, couch and chair.

The girls graciously let me bunk with them for a couple of nights until Glen came up and we moved to a hotel. Friday morning while they were still sleeping (they ARE college students, and I AM an early riser) I quietly showered, ate some breakfast and slipped out to take some photos of around town. I love Marquette, and I will miss coming here when Mallory graduates. There are so many wonderful old buildings and great memories here.

My main objective was the St. Peter Cathedral. I have been participating in a photo a day project for the month of August from Susannah Conway called August Break 2013. The prompt for Friday was sacred, what better than a Cathedral.

Glorious detail on the building and it fit perfectly for scared.

After the Cathedral, I decided to wander over by the harbor.

Getz's is an outdoor clothing store and one of our favorite stores in town. 

Lower Harbor...

Doncker's is a MUST eat at every time we are here.

The Scarecrow Sandwich. YUM!!

One last stop before going back to the apartment. Mallory knows of my love for old cemeteries, so she told me I should check out this one.

I will be coming back here when I have more time and when I bring my dslr with me. I left it home this trip because we needed the space for other things.

I am joining my friend Helen for her Weekend Walk blog link up. We would love for you to join us.


  1. Glad the move went well... Love the photographs I missed seeing you on FB....

  2. I had to laugh ... For 26 years, I bought furniture for a small liberal arts college. That sofa looks like one of many I've bought over the years. :-D

  3. What a fabulous place. Love your photos.

  4. It looks a great town - I can see why you'll miss it when Mallory graduates! Donckers looks like a fun place to eat... just wondering what the scarecrow sandwich contains? lol Anyway, so glad you could link up to my blog!
    Ps You know I love cemeteries too but... I can't imagine my boys ever recommending a one to me!

  5. What a great place to spend your college years. Looks like many memories and great that you are capturing them.

  6. This looks like a wonderful place for Mallory to be and for you to visit! I love the images of the cathedral, beautiful interpretation of the prompt! Glad the move went well!

  7. Oh boy - I remember some of those college apartments. Mallory's looks pretty nice - and what fun to get to bunk with her for a couple nights. I never did outgrow that sort of thing. Marquette looks like a great town, and the cathedral sure is beautiful. I love the idea of the weekend walk link up. If I can get my act together, I'll try to join.

  8. Any sandwich with bacon has to be good. Can't wait for the cemetery tour!

  9. So glad you were up and out before the girls. A rich experience. My fave is the repeating arches with those awesome railing shadows. I bet Brenda drooled over that shot.
    Marquette will always be there even when Mallory isn't.
    I think that first apt is great and I bet she'll be so much happier away from dorm life. It's part of growing up.
    Happy day Sarah.

  10. I enjoyed this tour of a classic college town...the apt. looks nice - and clean too - for now at least.

    i love the 'vintage postcard' of the cathedral. i literally scrolled down thinking i would see old cars from the 1940s!



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