Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chewin' and Stewin'

I have been chewing and stewing for the last week and a half about how I want to approach Kat Sloma's A Sense of Place class.

Photo credit - Mallory Huizenga

So far the material has been heavily travel photography based, which I don't want to disregard in preparation for our two week road trip to Montana this summer. I want to record this aspect of the class in my blog so that I have notes to go back to when we are on the road. Let's face it by the time of the trip I will be 45, and it is hard enough now at 44 to remember what I did yesterday.

The Chicken Coop
That being said I also want to pursue what I originally intended to do with this class, and that is to explore my own sense of place. I have never lived farther than 20 miles from where I grew up. Many of the places that have influenced my life are still accessible to me and I want to be able document them. I want to document them for me but also to be able to pass the stories along to my daughter. Having done work on family scrapbooks with photographs that I got from my great aunt after she passed away, I wish that there had been documented stories to go with the pictures.

So this is how I have decided to tackle it, the travel posts will start with something original like "Traveling" at the start of the blog post title. My own personal stories will start with, yep you guessed it, "My Sense of Place".

I feel that by approaching the subjects in this manner, I can keep them both straight in my mind and do them both the justice they deserve.

Let the adventure begin...


  1. Great plan Sarah, I'm not doing long journey's so much anymore and in fact our plan is to travel within the UK documenting our travels, I'm seriously thinking of starting a Wordpress blog that is semi private with just maybe groupies being able to view, anyway I'm glad you have written this post because it also clears my mind.....

  2. I great post Sarah - it's good to get it clear in your mind where you're heading. I mainly want to capture places near where I live - this is something we often neglect as we dream of travel further afield. Lately I have come to realise how much there is nearby and how I have all sorts of different connections to them. Funnily the place I find most difficult to capture is my immediate neighbourhood - so that will be my challenge over the next few weeks.

  3. My desire for the class was to capture a sense of the place where I'm living now, too. As it happens, it's a new place for me, so in a way I am exploring it as a traveler, but from my own home base. It sounds like you've decided on the way to get the most from the class for yourself. I'm glad!

  4. I think you've got it all figured out. Like Viv's comment above, I did start a private blog about three years ago. It was originally intended to keep the family up date about where we were and what we seen while driving cross country to visit family (they are scattered over 7 different states), but it's something that we've kept up since. It's sort of a way that we can keep everyone current on what we are doing here at home too.

  5. This sounds like an interesting class. I've also always wanted to go to Montana, so will very much look forward to those photos. I like the way you have this organized in your mind.

  6. Sounds like you are all set. You've always seems like a very organized person.

  7. Great idea to separate your thoughts about the places you visit and the stories you want your images to tell. I'm still on week 2, hoping to do some catching up this week.


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