Friday, February 1, 2013

Finding My Eye: Inspiration File

Earlier this week Kat asked us in the class to create an Inspiration File of our favorite photos that we have taken. I only had to go back 3-4 months and find 10-15 photos that are my favorites without really thinking about it. No over analyzing just click on the photo and drop it in the folder.

Then Wednesday's lesson my photos in my Inspiration File and find the similarities in them. So here is what I saw:
  • Outdoors - All but one were taken out doors.
  • Composition - I am very pleased with the composition in each of them.
  • Parts - Many were parts of a subject, only a few included the whole subject.
  • Color - reds, blues, and browns were the predominant colors.
  • Lines - Many had horizontal or vertical lines
  • Texture - half of them had texture as the focus.
Beyond that I was stumped about the connection between them all. Then it hit me yesterday afternoon  as I was out walking the dogs in the swirling winter snow. The connection between them all is that they are all very tranquil. Each one gives me a peaceful feeling inside when I look at them.

This all made perfect sense to the introverted person that I am. I like to go out shooting by myself, to a place where I know there won't be a lot of people. I love to go hiking with my husband and/or daughter and take my camera along, but I know I do my best work when I am alone. I can be totally in the moment with no worries.


  1. Oh I love the idea of this exercise. Maybe I need to take this class as I am searching to find my "eye". I love this photo Sarah. It does speak peace to me.

  2. Ok, I am scratching my head as to where this is. Is it looking at the salt piles near Kollens Park? Love the "feel" of the photo.

  3. Sounds like an interesting exercise that will keep you watching and learning about your art.

  4. Must feel great to be finding your eye. Your photos are always tranquil feeling to me. I love them.

  5. I love the top photo it is perfect in every way. Your photo always give me a moment of reflection congratulations....

  6. Sarah, I think we are definitely kindred spirits. I, too, find I take my best pictures while alone out in nature. If I'm walking with someone, I'm not attuned to my surroundings. I miss things because my focus gets hijacked by the presence of and conversation with that person. I love the peacefulness of your images. This is a great exercise. I haven't taken the time to assess themes and threads of my photos except I know I go in spurts ... sometimes I take macros (love macros), sometime scenery, oftentimes Kobi! Something to contemplate. Thanks for leading the way. ;->

  7. I love that you found the connection! Sometimes it takes thinking about it a little bit, so I'm glad you didn't get discouraged but just let the ideas percolate. It sounds like the photos you love the most are the ones that connect deeply to who you are and to what inspires you. Thank you for sharing what you've found so far!

  8. Tranquil is a very good description - I agree that your photos are very serene. And beautiful! You have such an eye...I'm glad you share so many of them with us!

  9. You have a beautiful eye for finding peacefuly scenes! So glad you were able to find the connection. I think we have a lot in common. I find myself alone with my camera a lot and also create my best photos at that time.

  10. You found your connection! Something I find quite hard to do. This photo does look tranquil.


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