Sunday, August 12, 2012

What We Carry - Both Visible and Invisible

What do you carry on a weekly basis?

Purses - As women, most of us carry purses, loaded down with all of life's necessities.

Laundry - There is always too much of it, but it must be done.

Fresh Produce - For those of us lucky enough to have a local Farmer's Market, we can carry home fresh produce.

Shopping Bags - Filled with items needed either for us or for our family.

Groceries - Every week we carry groceries into the house from the car, another life necessity.

There are many things that we carry that are Invisible as well...

Children - We carry our child/children in our hearts always.

Passion - We carry our passions deep inside of us.

Dreams - There are so many things we dream, but yet are afraid to share.

Tension & Stress - Women carry a lot of tension and stress in their necks and shoulders.

Fear - We carry fear like a heavy weight around our necks, the fear of what ifs...

What are you carrying this week?

*Topic: Carry - Day 20 of Ali Edwards 31 Things Class


  1. Love this idea, Sarah! Great thought and great photos to illustrate it.

  2. Laundry!!! Yes, I carry tons of laundry!!! Wonderful post!!

  3. Lovely post and great photos. I am carrying the weight of sadness and of uncertainty. I am also carrying a kernel of possibilities that my life ahead may bring. Time will tell.

  4. Lovely words and images...I am carrying too much stress and worry! I tend to do that and must constantly remind myself to take it one day at a time. Thanks for sharing, Sarah - your LR photos turned out wonderful.

  5. Oh this was really wonderful. Made me stop and think. I carry way too much worry and stress at times. Thanks Sarah, this was great and your photos are perfect!

  6. Hi Sarah, what a great post. Right now i am carrying way too much stress...i sure need to let go!

  7. Fantastic post Sarah I sometimes I feel as if I'm carrying such a huge load and it's all rubbish that has to be peeled off like an onion skin...

  8. Nice post! Great job using the LR templates too.

  9. What an interesting way to think about all we carry! I carry lots of laundry for sure and lots inside too. Wish I could toss some of those invisible things into a laundry basket sometimes too!

  10. absolutely loving your lightroom templates, great job and great pictures

  11. I'm carrying some sunshine, a dash of fear and lots of hope :)
    Lovely post, thanks for sharing

  12. Love this post. I'll come back to this post to ponder. Great contrast!


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