Friday, August 24, 2012

5 Fact Friday

I missed the last couple of 5 Fact Fridays. So happy to be doing one today.

1. As of yesterday, I am the mother of a certified Starbucks Barista.

2. I love hiking in my Five Finger shoes.

3. I love Oven Roasted Asparagus.

4. I LOVE Barns.

5. I got to drive a BMW for a day last week. This will not be a regular occurrence.

Have a great weekend everybody :)


  1. I love barns and asparagus, too!

  2. Hi Sarah, i love those "5 finger toes" ... are they really comfortable? they sure are adorable! Old barns and oven roasted asparagus are right up there is my favorite list also!

  3. hello lovely....
    wonderful 5 facts... that barn is a keeper...
    I'm thinking i'd like to take a bmw for a spin someday.... i'm sure it was lovely.

    I hope you are well...sending you sweet vibes.... xo

  4. Sarah, you are so lucky to have a child working at Starbucks! My dream for my kids :)Big Starbucks Mocha fan here.

  5. Yay for Starbucks! Love your list! I'm quite sure I will never drive a BMW . . .

  6. great list, I love asparagus. Try adding some fresh grated parmesan cheese, yum....and put it under the broiler.

  7. Great list - I love barns and yummy asparagus ! My husband spotted your post and he's impressed with your five finger shoes too.... and I love the colour!

  8. Mmmm coffee yum, love the shoes they look so comfy have a great weekend..

  9. I've missed on the 5 fact Fridays too. They are fun. Congrats to the barista!

  10. Great shoes. I never saw them before. Are they good for hiking? I would love to hear more...


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