Sunday, July 8, 2012

What Defines ME

This week in our Behind the Scenes class we were asked to write our "About Me" section.

Who am I?

If you had asked me this question a year ago my answer would have been: I am Mallory's mom, Glen's wife and I work at The Apothecary Gift Shop. The problem with that answer is that there is no ME in it. I was being what everyone needed me to be for them. Don't get me wrong though, that is my own fault, not theirs. My family has always been super supportive of everything that I have wanted to do. No, it is my own fault, I have a servant heart and I am a people pleaser by nature. I just want everybody to be happy. I had dreams of being creative, I just didn't dare pursue them because that would take time away from my family and job.

Then in September of last year, major changes happened. Mallory left for her first year of college in another state (really only the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but it seems like another state). I decided to quit my job at the gift shop. It was finally MY time. There were so many things that I wanted to do. Top of my list of ME things was to FINALLY devote time to improving my photography skills.

But I quickly got caught up in house projects and other things I had put off all summer, and before I knew it I had shoved photography to the back burner yet again.

At the start of 2012 I made a decision and I wasn't going to let myself out of it this time. I was going to start taking pictures! I was going to take some photography related e-courses, do the homework that went with the classes, and start a blog to track my progress. I have not been perfect in all my classes, as far as, doing the homework, but I improve with each class. I am learning tons!

I am still happily Glen's wife and Mallory's mom, but I am also a:

Photoshop Elements learner
book reader
chef (in my house at least)
daily exerciser
writer (my favorite discovery about myself)
nature enjoyer

I can't wait to see what new discoveries I will make about myself over the next year, but for now...

This is who I am.


  1. this is great! really sounded so familiar even down to the two dogs (I have one black and one white labrador). The whole thing about finding time for you after your children have spread their wings really rings true. This is a really really great post!

  2. yep. I second what Justine said. It's hard to carve out those minutes for us to explore our creative sides. It always seems like there are more "important" things to do and I, for one, feel really guilty spending the time editing photos instead of oh, I don't know, cleaning the bathroom?

  3. Love this post, Sarah! I'm sure it puts into words what many of us are thinking. I love the look of your blog and I adore those paisley rain boots! Keep it up!

  4. Hi Sarah. Wonderful post and such great selfies! Enjoy your "me time"!

  5. Hi, just stopped by to visit your blog. I enjoyed your writing about yourself. It takes courage to put yourself out there. Great photos. I'm also enjoying Kim and Zanthe's class. Peggy from PA

  6. Exploring is such fun. I can not get enough of this photography , processing stuff. Carry On.

  7. Kudos on your self-awareness, brave honesty, and pursuing a dream. No one on their deathbed ever says, "I wish I had spent more time on house projects." So glad you are here with us!

  8. yes, beautiful post. so many of us in the same process here i think. i also love, love the name of your blog!

  9. Hi great post I so connect with a lot you say . Blogging is becoming a major part of my daily process plus the new FB page.
    see you on the road x

  10. This post resonated with me so's so easy to give so much of ourselves that we begin to lose who we are. As a Mom and wife, I was guilty of this too often. I'm glad you're finally taking time just for you! Thank you for sharing this touching post...

  11. You go girl! I can totally identify with your life and all the things we have on our plates. Good for you with the photography and defining yourself! very cool

  12. Definately can relate to the me time!I am also an empty nester, and finally am starting to enjoy what life can offer to my personal life. I am glad you are taking time for yourself, very important.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  13. This is a great post and I can so relate to your profile. You go girl!

  14. Sarah, YAY for you! Congrats on your beginning of meeting yourself and finding out what makes you excited. You are an inspiration!


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