Friday, July 27, 2012

5 Findings Friday

This past week's discoveries, observations, and findings...

1.  I found that some people are uncomfortable with silence. Like the lady that came into the waiting area of the tire repair shop. She could clearly see that I was reading my book while I was waiting for my tire repair. She proceeds to sit down, take her own book out, open it, and then start talking to me about her book, her car ("how will they know which car is mine, they didn't even ask what kind of car it was"), the lack of carpeting in the waiting area, and on and on and on...

2.  I observed that men's eyes are drawn to cleavage like a magnet is drawn to shiny metal.

3.  I observed that in every exercise class there has to be one show off. We had 4 new ladies in my yoga class this week. One of the new ladies (who had to be in her 40's) whips down her yoga mat, plops down, spreads her legs out nice and wide and bends down to put her face to the floor. Let me tell you I have not had that kind of flexibility since I was 6 months old.

Image borrowed from internet

4.  I learned that the joy of an evening spent with my husband celebrating our 26th Anniversary is priceless. Watching the sunset together while on a river boat cruise is magical.

5.  I found that Scout really NEEDS to have two walks a day to relieve boredom, otherwise his mouth gets the better of him.


  1. As an ex-ballerina, I can almost still do that split thing too -- I think ballet kind of makes you permanently disfigured! I didn't know pointe shoes where necessary for yoga though... : )

    1. I couldn't a good yoga picture of somebody doing that stretch. Of course, I never seen anybody in yoga class do that before either. So maybe she is an ex-dancer.

  2. Sarah, you are hilarious! #2 and #3 especially. :)

  3. Enjoyed your findings of the week! I laughed at 3, sighed at 4, and laughed again at 5!! Looking forward to future finds!

  4. This is a wonderful post! I really enjoyed it. And, I would love to know how you snuck all those photos! Great sharing.

  5. I loved this post! Cleavage, yeah, gets them every time. My heart strings got tugged with #4. My husband and I celebrated our 26th last October, it's extremely doubtful that there will be another. Looking forward to next Friday's post.

  6. Sarah
    Brilliant post number 1 gets me it's so true no matter how hard I try there is always someone that wants to have a chat when all I crave is peace....

  7. Thank you for five findings that made me chuckle :) (even the one that made me say ouch, made me chuckle too).

  8. Your post has me laughing so hard. What is it with people who don't like silence? But then I'm a yogi also. I like silence. I empathize with you about the show-offs. I used to be a lot more flexible and strong. Now I'm happy to keep everything moving!! And the men and cleavage......we'd be upset if they didn't notice. They could, however, be a little more subtle.

  9. Nice post, great way to continue.

  10. I love your list and great shots too, very amusing!

  11. I have serious flexibility issues, and I ALWAYS end up to the most freakishly flexibly person in class!

  12. Hi Sarah,
    Your observations had me laughing :) Loved the second photo too :D
    P.S. I hear you about show offs *smh*


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