Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Wear My Sunglasses in the House

Yes, I am wearing my sunglasses inside the house today.

No, I don't have visions of becoming a rock star.

I had my annual visit to the eye doctor today, hence the sunglasses, eye dilatation. I hate getting older, every year there is another added annual visit for something in my body. I need annual visits to the eye doctor now because I have thinning retinas. My husband gets thinning hair and I get thinning retinas, I am not sure which one is worse, but at least he can wear a hat.

My thinning retinas were discovered last year at my bi-annual visit. Thinning retinas can lead to holes, tears, and/or detachment of the retina. My eye doctor tends to be overly cautious, hence the yearly visits to monitor their thinning. I am thankful for her cautiousness though, the eyes are the windows to the soul and I would like to keep mine going for a long time yet.

The good news is that mine have not changed in the last year. YEAH!! She gave me some "warm fuzzy" information too, when she told me that in her 12 years of practice, she has only sent 4 people to the laser doctors for repairs. I will pray that I am in the larger percentage of patients that just progress slowly...so I only go blind slowly.

Glen and I always joke that he will be leading me around because I am blind, but we will get run over by a car because he is deaf and didn't hear it.


Thank you so much for visiting today and taking the time to read my thoughts on life. :)