Friday, April 17, 2015

5 Random Friday Finds

Find No. 1

I found beautiful diffused light and the perfect quote:

Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice
at the end of the day saying
"I will try again tomorrow."
~Mary Anne Radmacher

Find No. 2

I found an adorable fellow Instagrammer while away for the weekend. I love my girl!! And yes that is still ice, and yes that really was just last weekend.

Find No. 3

I found some amazing Pulled Pork Tacos at a little Farm to Table restaurant in Traverse City.

Find No. 4

I found something interesting when looking through the hole in the glass block window at the Northern Michigan Asylum.

I want to go explore in there.

Find No. 5

I found some awesome Oolong tea at a new coffee shop. Coffee Shop Chronicle No. 29 coming on Sunday.

Joining Kim for Friday Finds


  1. You still have ice? sorry. I am hoping that things are warming up soon for you!

  2. Excellent Sarah . . . I enjoy your photos and urge to explore . . .
    I wish I could be creative with foods . .
    Pork Tacos look really, really good.

  3. My goodness those tacos look good. What a great idea to use red cabbage to pretty them up. They look almost too good to eat. And it still looks very chilly in your neck of the woods, Sarah. You must be pretty fed up with cold weather. Wishing you some warm sunshine in the very near future. All the best, Bonny

  4. Being able to pick out great boots must run in the family. I love her boots. :) Ice? I hope it melts soon, but it does look pretty. The asylum looks interesting, and kinda scary too...

  5. After the brutal winter we (finally) had compacted into about a month and a half, I have even greater appreciation for you Northerners - Re.Spect! I have been known to place the lens of my camera to a window and snap pictures excited to see 'what' lies beyond - almost always pleasantly surprised. Your finds inspire me to revisit those pictures.

    I look forward to your next Coffee Shop Chronicle.

  6. THAT old assylum looks as if it might be a very interesting place to explore with your camera. Hard to believe there is still alll that ice in the lake. BRRRRRRR

  7. It's so nice that your daughter is sharing your passion for taking pictures. I get a kick out of going on photo walks with my girl --she with her point-and-shoot and me with my BGC. :)

  8. Love the quote! It's a keeper for me! One I need to read every night. I've taken a few shots through windows just to see what's inside. This place looks interesting, but a little unnerving!

  9. Those are some wonderful finds! Sheesh you guys need a break from the cold! And, that truly is a great quote, adorable daughter and yummy food. Oh yeah...the intrigue of the abandoned asylum. I'm glad you got to go there again.

  10. I love that quote! The tacos are beautiful with all that color, and they sound delicious, too. As for that asylum, I agree with Cathy H. If you ever do go inside, you will need to be very careful! It really looks unsafe...but I do understand - and share - that impulse to explore.

  11. One thing I really like about you Sarah is that you get out and go. Although I'm sure there are days you have to make yourself.... I get lazy much of the time. Kudos to your determined spirit.

  12. Love your finds! Great photos and a terrific quote.

  13. Love them all, but ice, really - gosh I hope it goes away pronto! (Love that first image)

  14. Love your finds. The first image is stunning ! I'm moving to MI this year.....there's still ice in April ?? Yikes...! ( I'm in NC )

  15. I love your quote Sarah. Thank you for that. And yes we still have ice in Maine too!

  16. 1. So beautiful and peaceful looking. - Awesome quote.
    2. Always fun to have some to share with. Brrr...on the ice.
    3. Yum!
    4. Very haunting and eerie photos but also quite fascinating.
    5. I enjoy a good cup of tea myself.

  17. Love the first photo and the quote is perfect - what source do you use for quotes?

  18. I love the shot of the broken window with the reflections of the landscape behind, as well as the eerie interior. Some lovely 'five's'. Take care xx


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