Friday, April 3, 2015

5 Random Friday Finds

Find No. 1

I found a great use for an empty whisky bottle.

Find No. 2

I found my way up a lot of stairs. A great cardio workout. Twenty minutes of steps burns 200 calories.

Find No. 3

I found a friendly shadow.

Find No. 4

I found a sad dog who thought if he laid on my lap I wouldn't leave him to go out of town. Sorry Scout it didn't work but you got to play with your friend Trevor instead.

Find No. 5

Photo Credit: Glen Huizenga

I found a girl on the edge of an exciting new adventure.

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  1. Sarah, Love these glimpses into your week! Great photo of your daughter - so thoughtful and as though on the edge of life. Your shadow on the cracking ice is a wonderful editorial photo - perfect for the spring thaw. And my, I'm glad to know that taking the steps burns extra calories - time for me to work off the winter pounds! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my you still have quite a bit of ice and snow. We have our 2nd day of 60 today. I hope it warm up for you soon. Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. Twenty minutes of climbing up and down those stairs would certainly be a workout!

  4. Wonderful "finds."
    Happy Easter . . .

  5. Beautiful finds. You found a great purpose for the whiskey bottle. I would do fine on the stairs as long as I didn't look down!!!! Scout is gorgeous. Adventure!!! Fun!!!!!

  6. Sarah,
    I like the way this post is simple, but expresses some "big little things" that make life full. I really like the first and last pictures.

    Happy Easter!

  7. Sarah, such simple but lovely finds this week! Something about Scout's head on your lap is very touching. Faithful friend...I can imagine the feel of the soft fur on his head. Your shadow gives human scale to the massive ice chunks on the lake. And Glen's photo of Mallory is exquisite.

  8. What wonderful finds...I wish my knees could take all that stair climbing! lol...that looks like a fantastic workout. :)

  9. always so lovely your images are on my Friday mornings!

  10. lovely finds. My favorite is the whiskey bottle with the blossoms. So imaginative, so pretty

  11. Wonderful post! Love your awesome photos! Enjoy your time out of town, and return to that sweet dog when its time and he/she will surely forgive you! :-) Have a Blessed Easter!

  12. Great finds. Such a pretty use of the Whiskey Jar.
    That's a lot of stairs to climb. My knees would hurt by the time I got to the top.
    Awwww....that sad dog face made me smile. Glad he got to play with a friend.
    Cool shadow/ice shot.
    Loved the Girl on the brink of adventure.
    Happy Easter.

  13. Absolutely love that last picture.

  14. Lovely shots! and i sure do recognize that doggy look. Happy Easter to you!

  15. I've been following you on instagram, (enjoying your photos immensely!) and just now I'm making the link how I must have found you there... as I hopped over to your blog and see you are a part of a very familiar blogging community!
    Great Random Five.
    Lake Superior is our home water.. we were just in Duluth/Superior this week.
    We drove through Marquette a year or two ago and it left a mighty impression on me. Your photos and snippets have too. Fantastic!

  16. Beautiful spring flowers in the first shot. Such a contrast to the cold ice and snow! Enjoy your time away!

  17. A lovely week. We have our neighbor's dog who didn't want them to go out of town either but he is enjoying a nice long walk with my son right now.

  18. Nice finds! Beautiful blossoms and I love the photos of your dog and your daughter!

  19. The pink blooms together with the whiskey bottle make an elegant photo. Love all you fiends this week, so many thinks to be thankful for.

  20. I love that you don't let the weather dictate your day . . . rain, snow or sunshine, you get out and enjoy your life and take in the great outdoors. Bravo! Your photos are wonderful.


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