Monday, January 14, 2013

Rediscovering the LOVE of Paper

I have always had a LOVE for paper!

It began early in our marriage when somebody invited me to a Stampin' Up party. I instantly fell in love. The ability to create art without having to be an artist, appealed so much to me.

Then along came scrapbooking, even better I could incorporate my family photos with beautiful colored card stock and amazing patterned paper. Soon I had a whole room devoted to the hobby.

Then the busy years came, between working, keeping house, family time and church activities, there was no time left for this hobby.

Even last year when things were quieter I still didn't get out all my wonderful paper and play. Then along came Ali Edwards' class One Little Word and we were encouraged to make a scrapbook relating to our word for the year. I could have done a digital one, but I really wanted to make use of all my wonderful papers and just experience the joy of creating something again.

Here are the first two pages for my scrapbook. Our assignment for January was make a layout with 12 intentions to go with our word for the year. Anybody that is taking the class will see that mine is a bit different than the one that Ali did, but I readily admit I don't play by the rules. They are just guidelines.

I am also incorporating the class Move More, Eat Well into this scrapbook, after all it is all about the Journey I am on this year.


  1. I want to come to your house and play!

  2. What an incredible room and gorgeous first project. I don't do scrapbooking but I love looking at it. So nicely done.

  3. C' need to take a photo of your room all messy...creativity is messy! xoxo Collecting paper and scrapbooking supplies are like fabric...and books...something comforting and fulfilling just to look at them, touch them, know they are there when you need them!

    Beautiful post!

  4. Beautiful work, Sarah! I've never done stamping or scrapping but I love seeing what others do.

  5. Good thing I don't have a room a lovely as yours...I'd never leave it.

  6. Yey me too, want to play perhaps we should have a virtual play, your room is so tidy. Beautiful work , as mark would tell you though I can't do straight lines !!!! Good thing there is a grid on my camera!!!!

  7. My friend used to sell Stampin up. We had so much fun in her studio playing with all her toys!! I still enjoy making the little cards I include with my jewelry purchases. There is just something about paper.


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