Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Shopping Adventure

Mallory's holiday break is coming to a close at the end of this week, so we thought we would have one last shopping adventure before she headed back Up North. Then I thought, I will document the adventure with my iPhone for Walk and Click Wednesday for something different.

The mall was very quiet, with all the kids back in school. It was such a pleasant change from before Christmas.

There was even breathing space inside the Apple Store, although now that I have my new MacBook Pro I couldn't think of any thing I needed. I am sure that will change :)

These shopping trips are a great time to stock Mallory up on anything she might need while up at school. There aren't stores like this in Marquette.

New foundation, new mascara and new eyeliner for her, new eyeliner for me.

Of course we had to wander through one of my favorite stores...Pottery Barn. If only I had the money, my whole house would look like this...

The whole purpose of coming to this mall though was so we could go to The North Face store. I had seen a lightweight fleece I really liked there before Christmas, so with some Christmas money from my mom and dad burning a hole in my pocket I wanted to try it on.

I loved the color and the fit, it would look a lot better with leggings or hiking pants. There was a small spot on the lower left front that I couldn't get to come off, even though it was small I would know it was there and that would bug me.

I also tried on some new rain pants. The pair I have now I have had for 15-16 years, I wear them all the time out photographing and walking in the winter, there are holes at the bottom of both legs. I definitely need a new pair before our two week road trip to Montana this summer.

We dined on a healthy lunch at Ruby Tuesday's before going to the other big shopping mall. Love their Garden Bar.

The big draws at the other mall are Eddie Bauer and Barnes and Noble.

A couple Chai Tea Latte's for the trip home.

Home from another successful shopping adventure.

I probably won't set foot in a mall again until Spring Break when Mallory is home again. It just isn't that fun going by yourself.


  1. I love your mall photo shoot ... what a lovely daughter you have and so nice that she makes your shopping spree a joyful event! Looks like you cashed in. That cottages book looks so cool and Panera is my favorite hangout. yep.

  2. Oh Oh Barnes and Noble if there was one thing I would wish for is for Barnes and Noble to come to the UK... And a Karen White I love her....

  3. That looks like a mall I would go to once a week(and I'm not a shopper). I LOVE Panera Bread! And I think I need some of those coral dishes at Pottery Barn. Great walk and click. Guess you passed on the jacket and the pants...

  4. Looks like you had a fun day. I hope your diet is going well, looked like a yummy lunch.


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