Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Eve Walk

I was able to convince the whole family to join me for Walk and Click this week.

I walk at this park, Riley Trails, quite often all year round, since it is close to our house. Generally it is just me with the dogs, or when Mallory is home from school, her and I each with a dog. So I rarely take my camera along with me. Today, with two other dog walkers I has able to take the time to get some shots. 

Part of an old fence, maybe left over from when this use to be farmland.

I love how these oak leaves will hang on forever.

They are doing a massive pine clearing in these woods, which changes the landscape dramatically. I understand why they are doing it, yet I hate to see the changes in one of my favorite hiking places.

I loved the lichen on this stump.

A fun hour spent in the woods. Mallory and I are heading there again today with the dogs.


  1. So snowy we just don't prolonged snow and I don't know how we would cope ... I love all the textures in your photos especially the lichen...

  2. Sarah, your dogs don't look to happy to be waiting there! LOL Love your close ups and macros and angles. Simply wonderful. It's fabulous how you are looking for the details and finding them. You make me smile. Thanks for joining Walk and Click Wednesday!

  3. Your dogs are so adorable! They are Goldens right? I have a golden too :) Your photos are beautiful as usual. Love looking at your walk & click posts. Happy New Year!

  4. Love your dogs!! The photos are awesome... as usual :):):)

  5. Looks like a wonderful walk, your photos are great. I see what you mean about changes in your park. My park has a lot of trees down from the storm.

  6. That 2 week road trip sounds wonderful. Going anywhere interesting? I find that The eat well move more is going me the extra inspiration I need.

  7. Sounds wonderful, I will be looking forward to your photos!

  8. Hi Sarah,
    Your dogs are just so cute! Beautiful shots of the walk too. I' glad you got a chance to take your camera :)


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