Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Seduction of Lines

I have never been more giddy to go out and photograph than I have since I started Lesson Four of David duChemin's The Compelling Frame.

Lesson Four is all about Line & Shape.

I have been obsessed with leading lines - lines that draw your eye to something, something often magical or mysterious, since doing a 100 day photography project on Instagram the spring and summer of 2015. 

Vertical Lines

Lines that I am learning to love are vertical lines. The is power and energy in this photo when the frame is vertical and the focus is as much the vertical post as it is the padlock. Compare this to the same shot taken in horizontal orientation.

Horizontal Lines

Horizontal lines are stable. When you look at these compositions how do they make you feel? 


Then there are the most seductive lines of all - the storytelling lines...

What lines are you most drawn to? 
  • Stable Horizontal Lines
  • Powerful Vertical Lines
  • Eye Pulling Diagonal Lines
  • Organic, Winding S-Curves
  • Magical and Mysterious Leading Lines


  1. All wonderful examples of lines, Sarah! I love using lines in my photography when I can! I rather like magical and mysterious leading lines, but also stable horizontal lines which feel so peaceful.

  2. Gorgeous images, Sarah! I have to say since your first post about taking his class I have been making sure to shoot a subject both horizontally and vertically. Your posts have encouraged me to take a little more time to compose my images. My favorite images in your post today are your storytelling images. I know those took a little more time to think about, create and shoot, for them to turn out so well. The B&W is perfect. What lines am I most drawn to? I love the 'magical and mysterious' lines, the paths that I can only follow to the end with my imagination...

  3. Awesome photos! I especially like the slide covered with dewdrops :-)

  4. These are really lovely images, Sarah.
    I am quite sure that my favorite is the slide.
    Just wonderful.

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  6. There are all beautiful. My absolute favorites are the slide with waterdrops and the ladder with your rain boots and the rungs with letters on them. Is that also part of the slide? My favorite lines are the storytelling lines. I think you should print them. :)

  7. These are all such gorgeous pictures, Sarah!
    I'm a sucker for the winding "s" curves. They always make me wonder what's around the bend.

    Also, I've signed up for his next class. It may not be till next summer, tho, but at least my name is on the waiting list. Happy Halloween! : )

  8. For me the last one makes me think of childhood memories playing at the park and on the slide.

  9. I love the way you've used the different types of lines in these photos! Great compositions! Lines aren't always easy for me to see, but I do use them unconsciously. My favorite would be the winding s-curves. I love the way they lead through the photo!

  10. They are all compelling in their own way. My favorites are the winding s-curves. I love the way they flow and lead they eye throughout the photo. I think I spend so much of my time focused on where I'm going (quickly), that to meander or wander somewhat aimlessly is so very, very appealing.

  11. The horizontal lines... I love the first... the serenity makes me want to sit down on the shore, wrap my arms around my knees, and dream. The second has that tantalizing gap in the fence and the curving path leading to the horizon. I want to pass through that gap, and follow that path to see where it leads. Powerful stuff, amazing photographs.

  12. I am a lover of curvy lines. Great post. I love your enthusiasm for learning in this post.

  13. I enjoyed thinking LINES . . .
    And really like the “eye pulling” me in lines . . .
    Curved too . . .
    Seems like I find stories in each . . . all!

  14. What a great post. - I really like Leading Lines and generally prefer Horizontal Lines myself but sometimes the Vertical is my choice. Depends on the photo for me. Enjoyed that last shot of the wet slide.

  15. What I love about this course you are taking is the way it's making you conscious of things that many of us, as Cathy commented, do unconsciously in our photography. And I love that you're sharing those insights with us. As for lines, I like them all. It depends on the subject. That photo of the slide...it's so cool the way the drops create bokeh in the foreground rather than the background where it usually happens.

  16. so revealing so many stories in each photo


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