Sunday, November 5, 2017

Scene & Story - October 2017

Window by Sam Luna

She stares out the window each day
Before the sun sets away
Drinking tea and wondering
What could other people be doing?

There was nothing to see
Just buildings
And hanging clothing
On other people's housing

The wind blows
Her eyes blur
She sips tea
Her mind leaves

The images of yesterday come
The emotions of today emerge
In her mind she hums
And with the wind she surges

No one could really understand why
This girl would want to fly
All her thoughts are recurring
But only the window knows what she's thinking

Since starting to do Wild Writing at the beginning of September, I have been reading a lot of poetry. I have always struggled with poetry; pretty words but where's the story. Then I realized the words are the story. 

Poetry makes me think about photography, moments I would like to capture. I will never be a poet, poetry requires a level of feeling I am not sure I will ever obtain. But poetry helps me to identify that fluttery feeling inside me when I raise the camera and press the shutter. 

This was taken at Greenfield Village when my husband and I were there for a date weekend in mid-October.


Carol said...

Th image of your window seems the perfect match for Sam Luna's poem.

Sandra said...

A beautiful window with a lovely poem by Sam Luna. I can identify with the lines: "There was nothing to see, just buildings" because it's the sort of view that I also have. I like seeing flowers and greenery through the window you have chosen!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, this window and poem give my heart "that fluttery feeling" and bring tears to my eyes -- I'm not sure why. I guess they remind me of simple things, simple times. I see myself especially in the middle stanza of the poem...and in this: "The images of yesterday come / The emotions of today emerge." I haven't yet begun Wild Writing, but I am looking forward to it.

Rachel Weishaar said...

I love your picture and the accompanying poem, but your assessment of poetry as a whole made me think and smile. I am all poetry all the time. I don't call it poetry, but when I say things and people look at me like I stepped out of an 1800s novel, I realize I've done it again. Sounds like we need to collaborate. :)

Lynne said...

. . . only the window knows . . . beautiful sarah . . .

Karen Lakis said...

I struggle with poetry, also - which I feel is kind of sad considering I love to read and I lover many different art forms. Now and then, I will read a poem which will resonate, though. I love the way you illustrated this poem - together, they both come alive. I can imagine sitting at that window with a cup of tea and dreaming... I would enjoy the challenge of giving this a try.

Kate Robertson said...

This is a beautiful post. I love the poem and your photo looks so inviting. I love when it's Sunday and I know you will post and I will be treated to some beautiful imagery. Thank you.

Carola Bartz said...

The window and the view out of it remind me of England. Full of beauty and peacefulness. The poem is lovely - and so are your words. I tend to think that photography is its own way of poetry and telling a story. Your images only confirm that.

Masha said...

There's a very special feel here of the window, love this. <3

Cathy H. said...

You found the perfect poem to go with this wonderful window. The last line fits me, "but only the window knows what she's thinking." I spend a lot of time each morning looking out the window and thinking! I have no talent for poetry either. I started 27 Days of Wild Writing and have enjoyed the poems she reads. I should follow your example and read more poetry!

Michelle B said...

I have never thought about it that way, but a poem is like a photograph. They are both small slices of life, which are left open to interpretation to the reader/viewer and we never truly know what the writer/photographer had in mind when they created it. We guess, contemplate and apply it to our own life, making each creation unique to each viewer...which is the beauty of poems and photographs. I love your window and you picked the perfect poem for it.

Suburban Girl said...

Beautiful image. Poetry has always been a struggle for me. I really like yours though.

Unknown said...

Lovely poem, Sarah, and I absolutely LOVE this photograph.
Have a wonderful week!

Jill said...

The fluttery feeling is poetry isn't it? Lovely way to look at it. Thank you.

Electric | Journal said...

What a gorgeous photograph... dreamy and evocative, a perfect fit for the poetry. Don't you just love old glass, with waves throughout that reveal its age?