Friday, May 1, 2015

5 Random Friday Finds

Find No. 1

The first outdoor Antique Market of the year was this past Sunday. I love wandering the aisles, looking for treasures. I found this Miss America Depression era glass compote dish at one of the booths. No price on it, always my luck. I asked the guy at the checkout table, who was busily eating his Elephant Ear at eleven o'clock in the morning, how much? He pondered a moment and said how about $6. Sold. I knew Mallory would love it for her dessert/food photography. Doing some research on-line Sunday night, I see they are normally sold for $25. I think I did good.

Find No. 2

I also found this petite size book of hymns for five dollars. I want to use bits and pieces in my double exposure photography. Fellow Instagrammers keep watch.

Find No. 3

I also found this Beatles era costume. Glen and I have a 50's-60's rock and roll themed fundraiser to go to next week, this would be just perfect for him. Glen didn't think the cut of the suit would work for him, hence probably a little too tight. 

Find No. 4

Driving home from the Antique Market, I stopped at this little park next to a train trestle. I have driven by this train trestle hundreds of times, but never stopped, this is the year to do things differently.

Find No. 5

I found my favorite yearly magazine on the newsstand this week. This weekend while we are at college graduation, I will be pouring over the pages and planning my next adventure.

This will be my last Random Friday Finds until June. I am taking the rest of May off to enjoy time with my family.

Joining Kim for Friday Finds


  1. Enjoy your graduation weekend! I like the trestle photo... so many times I think let me pull over and take a photo. I will try that more also.

  2. Great finds Sarah especially the suit. Enjoy your month off...

  3. My word! What a beautiful glass with gorgeous detailing. That's a great find! Have a wonderful break and I hope all goes well with the graduation. Chel x

  4. Enjoy! I'm heading to find you on instagram - my favorite place to connect!

  5. Outdoor Antique Markets are so much fun! The compote dish is to die for, perfect for food photography. Wonderful processing on your train trestle. Enjoy your time with family!

  6. Great finds, I would have loved to visit that antique market with you. Love the dish and how you photographed it.

  7. Such beautiful finds! I think I need to go to an outdoor antique market - dangerous though! The train trestle is fantastic - funny how we pass things over and over again until one day we finally stop and take some time to look at it. Enjoy the graduation weekend and time with your family!

  8. You did very well with the dessert bowl - beautiful. I am glad you stopped by the train trestle - gorgeous.

  9. Great finds . . . Enjoy these graduation with honors Mallory days . . .

  10. Wonderful finds this week! Love the train trestle!

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  12. Fun finds know how I feel about double exposures!


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