Sunday, May 31, 2015

Amazing May

Hard to believe that it is the last day of May already. I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed my month away from blogging and away from social media (except Instagram of course).

We began May in Marquette for the grand celebration of the Beautiful Girl's graduation from college.

Mallory graduated from Northern Michigan University on Saturday, May 2. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in History.

We are very proud parents.

After graduation, we packed her up and moved her home.

Within a week of being home, she had also secured her first life-beyond-college job. She will be working part time for Local First a local non-profit, committed to supporting and promoting local businesses. A perfect fit for her.

The first full week of May was our town's Tulip Festival, the tulips were just about perfect for it.

Mid-May had us departing for a week in The Great Smoky Mountains. A break down of the trip will be coming in future posts. We had a great time away, and even though rain was predicted every day of our trip, most days were more like this.

We returned home last week Sunday, thankfully with one more day off work thanks to the Memorial Day holiday. Mallory started her new job on Tuesday, May 26 and is loving it. Glen returned to work to travel yet again, thankfully only to the east side of the state. I conquered groceries, laundry and housework.

What lies ahead

In June I am going to participate in Vivienne McMaster's Be Your Own Beloved again. I did the class back in February, but I want to do it in warmer weather, where I can take shots outside, and not have three layers of clothing on. I also have a bucket list of shots I want to do, and even though I could do them on my own anytime, the class structure really motivates me to actually take the time to do them. Also amazing community in that class!

In July I am taking a writing class - Magazine Writing through Creative Nonfiction. I have ruled out Memoir writing as my style, but immersion writing or Magazine style writing really interests me, and is what my Coffee Shop Chronicles would be classified as, so I am going to explore that style of writing and see where it leads me.

Also more travel lies ahead. Glen is in charging of planning an away weekend for our Anniversary in mid-July. I am hoping to get to Chicago for a weekend in August. I am looking into possibilities for a week away for Glen and I in September, and in October I am meeting up with a friend for a week in Pennsylvania.

So much goodness lies ahead. I look forward to sharing it here.


  1. Magna cum laude, well done, Mallory! Your daughter is an impressive young lady, Sarah - no wonder you're so proud of her. Looking forward to reading/seeing more of your vacation adventures, and to seeing you in BYOB! Sounds like it's going to be a great summer.

  2. Good morning, so nice to have you back and looks like you had a wonderful May! Very happy for Mallory also. I can't wait to see and hear about your trip!

  3. Congrats Mallory it's the start of a new life for you. Lovely to see you back Sarah I'm looking forward to seeing The Great Smokey Mountains through your eyes. it's a place I will never visit so I love looking over your shoulder..

  4. Wonderful Mallory magna com laude . . .
    She is on her way . . .
    Thank you to her loving parents who helped set the sails and send her forward . . .
    Happy months ahead . . .
    Loved this post . . .

  5. Cum gets an u instead of an o . . .

  6. Congratulations, Mallory! I know your both so proud of her and glad she's near you again! So good to see you back! I'm waiting to read about your upcoming adventures!

  7. You have an exciting line up. You'll encourage my selfies because I don't dare take on another class.

  8. You did have an amazing May! Congratulations to Mallory! After reading your post on Be Your Own Beloved, I signed up for this round. I am looking forward to it (although I am not sure how much I will be participating on Flickr due to summer activities). I took my first picture today. :)

  9. You do have much to look forward to. I wish your daughter well!

  10. What a full and enjoyable month you have enjoyed. Mallory graduating, oh my time flies. And congrats on her new job, that is wonderful. I hope that you would consider coming here for a visit and we could do Chicago together. Plenty of sleeping space and a bathroom of your own. Enticement enough?

  11. What a great month for you!! Cpngratulations to your daughter for all of her years of hard work and how wonderful she has a job where she wants to be!!! Sounds like you have great plans for the summer as well. Happy times! AM so happy for you

  12. Sounds like a beautiful month.

  13. Sarah, This Sunday afternoon couldn't be more perfect - as I sit here catching up with friends like you. I savored every word of this post. Thank you for sharing these updates on your life. Congratulations to Mallory and to the whole family. Her new job sounds perfect! And your plans for the next few months are inspiring (I checked into the course - Be Your Own Beloved - and it sounds wonderful. I'm on the list for the next class). Your photographs are beautiful as always - and it seems you are finding your way to magazine writing. Can't wait to read your published work - and I will brag - I know this woman and she is brilliant!

  14. Congratulations to Mallory on her academic accomplishments and attainment of her first job. Sounds like you have a good summer ahead of you.

  15. wow.... you had such a great May. Congrats to Mallory and what fun it must be to have her home again!! Wishing you a great summer, Sarah.

  16. Sounds like a wonderful month. I love the Smokie picture. I hope to get there someday.


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