Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 Goals - July thru September

Well here it is the end of June already, half of 2014 is behind me. It's time to take a quick look back at what was on my April thru June goal list and also to see what I learned in the process.

Here is a recap of some of those goals and their results:

  • Continue printing my photographs for the walls

This got way laid for the moment due to a cosmetic, color scheme change which all began with the purchase of a new couch back in December.

  • Back Roads Adventures - getting out and exploring

I did one Back Roads Adventure in April which was an eye opening experience. I got about an hour from home, I stopped to take a photo of a weathered green shed in a field. I dug around in the back seat for my camera only to realize that my camera was still sitting on the dining room floor at home. 
Wind out of the sails moment. My heart was not in the rest of the adventure. I realized more than just forgetting my camera, I missed people being in my story. A lone venture was no longer fun.

  • Read More

I made a goal for myself to read 50 books over the course of 2014. I am at about 20 books so far for the year. I must pick up the pace a little in the second half of this year, or read shorter books :)

  • I have cute clothes, wear them other than just weekends

Let me just say Anthropologie is my new favorite store, and yes I wear this stuff during the week as well as the weekends.

  • Try some new recipes

I have been making a lot of new salads in June and I see this continuing all summer long.

July - September Goals

  • Finish the Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room Project
  • Work through "A Sense of Place" class material
  • Finally get that on-line portfolio done
  • Update the look of my blog
  • Work on more iPhone Photography pieces
  • Move college daughter back to college for her final year

My list is a bit smaller this quarter, but hopefully very realistic. I have July to buckle down and get a lot done, because I know August will be busy with college daughter coming home and then moving her back to school.


  1. You have lots of goals for your year! Among them I see on your book pile a book by Tracy Chevalier. I read them all and love her style of writing. Don't forget to relax sometimes and just be in the moment during your busy schedule! I love the summer break in July and August and don't have any plans at all and never look at my watch - unless there is an appointment to respect or visitors coming my way. Not having anything organized in the summer is my favourite time of the year for letting the days flow as they will! I like your summery outfits!

  2. Congratulations on your goal cracking. My goal is to try and read all the books that have been recommended to me !!!!

  3. Good for you with your goal setting . . .
    Mallory will be beginning her final year . . . NO, where did three years go . . .
    Love your fun Anthropologie clothing . . .
    I am going to have one goal on my list . . .
    continue downsizing . . .

  4. You inspire me! You seem to have everything so together and I am such a mess! I'm going to try the goal setting and see if it helps me... Thanks for the inspiration...

  5. Congrats on goals finished and good luck with your new goals. I know the sinking feeling of getting somewhere and not being all together with the camera. I've left my memory card in my computer more than one time! It's very funny, but the one thing I've never forgotten on an outing is my snack and water!! Hmmm!!! I see where my priorities are! Good stack of books, I'll have to jot down the titles. Have a great week!

  6. We have two of the same goals. I would like to work over my blog and get serious about a portfolio. The stack of books on my nightstand are the ones that were there a year or two ago. Lol

  7. Sarah, I think you're amazing. It takes guts to publicly declare your goals and then post the results. Mine for right now is just to get unpacked and settled into this new place and stay for a while so I can get on with my life! I'd like to do some more reading, too. You have some of my favorite authors in your stack - I need to pay a visit to the library!


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