Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Searching for My Ancestors

I have been searching for my grandparents and great grandparents graves on and off since last fall. I knew the general area that they should be in, but never quite seemed to find them. Recently I had a conversation with my dad and brother and was able to nail down the locations better.

Monday afternoon, a day that was sunny and in the 60's (the first one we have had this spring) I set out with my new knowledge, determined to have success. I was rewarded for my determination...

My Grandpa - I think I forgot he has the same birthday as my dad.

My Grandmother - Her name was Erma, but everybody called her Jane.

I feel that my great aunt needs something under her name too. Maybe beloved aunt?

My grandparents and great aunt are buried in Lakeshore Cemetery, which for a cemetery is quite boring, all flat grave markers. While my great grandparents are buried in Lake Forest Cemetery which is a photography dream of a cemetery. The cemeteries are only about 5 miles apart but what a contrast.

The top one is Lakeshore were my grandparents are and the bottom two pictures are from Lake Forest.

I did find my great grandparents as well. They are kind of tucked away in a quiet but dark corner of the cemetery. I wished I had had a little whisk broom to clean off their markers.

Mission finally accomplished, I wandered around looking for more photo opportunities, of which there are many.

This monument made me laugh. Henry Lilley and his two wives are all buried together. Frances the first one died in 1884 and Emmie the second one died in 1886. Henry outlasted them both by a bit.

Some other lovely shots from around Lake Forest...

Always love a crumbling wall.

Lots of old stairs in this cemetery.

Headstones seems to be everywhere.

This cemetery represents so many things that I love about photography; details, old and decaying (no pun intended), nature and architecture. I plan on coming back here many times over the next year to work on my photography skills. This is the perfect environment to do that, and there will always be new things to see, so I will never get bored.

**With sadness Lissa at laf custom designs has announced that this will be the last Walk and Click Wednesday. Part of me is very sad to see this link up go, and part of me is ready to move on to new projects. I have learned so much from this regular feature and feel that my photography has benefited greatly from it. The best thing is it got me out exploring, which is so ingrained now, that exploring with my camera will continue anyway.


  1. Lovely that you found your ancestors, sad that Lissa has decided to call it a day.....maybe we ought to think of a link up....

  2. Enjoyed your I always do.

  3. Great post. I'm glad you found what you've been looking for. You got some great images in the cemetery. I enjoy cemeteries, especially large ones with a variety of stones, but I have a hard time capturing them. You have a knack. Well done.

  4. I think it's great that you found the tombstones of your ancestors...I like looking for mine as well.....

    Have you ever done any engravings from a tombstone....It's really neat if you haven't especially on the old ones...You take tissue paper, place it on the tombstone and rub over it with a pencil. They are really cool....

  5. I'm glad you were able to finally find the grave markers. I agree with Susan, you do have a knack for this! I enjoy visiting cemeteries, in fact I have quite a collection of pictures. I especially love the older cemeteries.

  6. Awesome post. I love cruising cemeteries. I finally had a walk ready for this week. Oh well. I'll be exploring with you.

  7. The contrast between the two cemeteries is interesting - and it's wonderful you were able to find your ancestors. It will be interesting to see how your photography develops through the seasons.

  8. Wow- what a contrast between the two cemeteries. Will miss your weekly walks, but I'm sure you will still be out and about with great photos to share!

  9. what an amazing thing to do, my mother in law has done this and gone around the world with her findings to meet people. Great photographs.

  10. Oh maaan, are singing my song! I could write a book about the adventures of looking for ancestor cemeteries...some pretty remote, pretty obscure, and one that caused us to spend the night in our "van down by the river" as we were stuck in the mud. No cell nothing. Dig deeper, my friend! There's lots of stories in go girl! Great love it!

  11. I find cemeteries very beautiful and thought provoking as well. That fascination with lives past...human history on an intimate scale I guess.

  12. I always enjoy your posts, cementeries are indeed beautiful places


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