Monday, April 15, 2013

Catching Up - A Breakfast Conversation

This past weekend I met a friend for breakfast.

Over a scrumptious Greek egg scramble, homemade sour dough bread, and fresh squeezed orange juice with a 1/2 inch of pulp on top, we caught up.

Now other than keeping track of each other on Facebook and the chance encounter at a local pizzeria a couple of months ago, we haven't seen each other is several years. Yet somehow our lives keep intersecting.

We first met some 15 years ago when I worked at a rubber stamp and scrapbook store. She is a very gifted artist and would occasionally do in-store demonstrations for us. We would strike up conversations and always seemed to click. Eventually I left the store and we lost track of each other.

In 2003 we went church shopping and finally settled on one that had something for everyone in the family. One of the first Sundays we were there who do I see up on stage in the Praise Band, my friend. Slowly we reconnected. Over the course of time, she moved out of town to explore new possibilities in her life and we lost touch again.

2013, and we have been reconnecting via Facebook. Then much to my surprise she shows up in an on-line travel/photography class that I am in. Well, that pushed it over the edge, we had to get together and catch up.

After an hour long breakfast conversation, and feeling the pressure from the waiting area for our coveted booth. We decided to move to a nearby coffee shop and continue our time together.

During our continued conversation, my friend is watching the guy that is roasting the coffee beans. After he is done roasting, and he is preparing to leave he comes over to the table behind us to gather his personal belongings. Now my friend is bold compared to my reserved personality, the next thing I know she is engaging him in conversation and getting permission to let us come to their larger roasting facility and take pictures. She is the push I need to get out there more and not be afraid to ask for permission to shoot something, the worst they can do is say no.  

Two big things I took away from our morning together:
  • Be bold and just ask
  • As immensely talented as an artist, as my friend is, she still struggles with her sense of place in it all.
Our conversation got me thinking, what if it isn't about the destination after all, but what we learn from the journey along the way that really matters.


  1. Don't you just love "what if" moments?

  2. This so reminds me of the dinner I had with a long ago friend I've stayed connected with via Facebook. Sometimes those friendships that just continue to cross our pathway are the richest!

  3. You are right. The journey along the way is what really matters. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Sounds like a great morning! I think you have to enjoy the ride getting to your destination- that's the fun part!

  5. Wow, you're sounding phyisophical this a.m. (and I can't even spell that!). Seems like fate keeps pushing you two together. Maybe you have what she doesn't and she took away something too. Or perhaps it's that whole ying/yan thing (and I can never remember which one gets the g).
    I have a dear friend here in town. We've been friends since middle school. We have lived apart for lengths of time and feel it is a gift and blessing to again live in the same town-and we do coffee often.
    Love the new header.

  6. I agree, we all need to slow down this rush to get to our destination and just enjoy the moments of our journey!

  7. What a wonderful post! I love the various detail shots, documenting this wonderful meeting, your re-connection with a kindred spirit and all the serendipity happening in between. I am also right with you on the intimidation factor...been trying to work it out in my mind lately too. Glad you found a buddy!


  8. Thanks so much for sharing your morning with us! I feel like I was there! Sounds like you found a good friend.

  9. Isn't it wonderful when we can just relax and let "life" happen without always trying to orchestrate it....I often wonder what I miss in doing so....

    Thank you for taking us on your special visit with your friend....I think it is so cool how your friendship has developed....

  10. It's funny how these things can happen - little things to bring you and a friend back together. I like the way she is able to ask permission to take photos. I'm working on that - there have been a few opportunities that I let pass because of my fear of asking. Now, I'm working on designing business cards - I think they would be helpful with this. Your breakfast looks yummy - have a nice day, Sarah :-)

  11. so glad you reconnected. i am like you and need to learn to be more bold. great post!

  12. Life is definitely all about the journey, our destinations change constantly! How wonderful to meet up with an old friend and your breakfast sounded delicious. Juice with pulp is just gorgeous!


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