Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Downtown - In Between the Rain Drops

Last week we got a deluge of rain, making it very hard to go out and shoot without getting soaked. While I was downtown last week Friday, it actually stopped raining for a little while. So in between the rain drops I wandered up and down our main street taking pictures of the various buildings and enjoy the soft light from the overcast sky.

I love the colors on this building and the wonderful script in the name.

Many of these buildings have such lovely detail on the top portion of them, while the retail bottom half has been updated and modernized.

Back in my day (gosh doesn't that make me sound old :) The retail storefront of this building held a shop called the Rain Tree. It was where all us girls in high school would go to get our Gunny Sack dresses for the semi-formal dances. I think I still have mine in my cedar chest. I might have to dig through that thing one of these days.

Such lovely detail on these windows. The restaurant is one of our favorite places to eat.

Best breakfast in town. Cinnamon rolls the size of the plate.

Our only local book store left in town.

Soon to be one of those fancy new frozen yogurt places. I am pleased to see they have left the original display window from when this use to be a jewelry store.

This bench, in the summer, is always in use by the residents of the Warm Friend, our downtown Independent Senior Living Community.

Beautiful detail on our two downtown banks.

Nope, don't need a drink of water today.

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  1. As usual, I've enjoyed walking with you. I love how you've captured the details of these old buildings. Old buildings always capture my eye, they have such beautiful architecture. I'm always fascinated by the names and dates they added to the building fronts. I miss their beauty in newer buildings. I guess I'm just not into modern structures!

  2. Very creative photography walk ~ love all the photos ~ Great post for WAC ^_^

  3. I would SO love to make a visit into the Readers World Store♥

  4. Such a photographic Downtown.

  5. I love photos of towns like this one! You made me chuckle - gunny sack dresses - yeah, I had a couple of those... Oh my...

  6. You have a great looking down town area. Your photos show it off beautifully.

  7. Such a lovely walk, I have enjoyed it. Those buildings are simply beautiful


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