Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter Wonderland

This past weekend we were in Marquette, which is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, visiting our daughter at college. It was wonderful to see her, great to get away for a long weekend, and provided a wonderful opportunity to do a Walk and Click on the road.

We spent a good part of the day on Saturday out hiking. We started out at Presque Isle Park, which is one of my favorite places in Marquette. It is located close to the University and town, but feels miles away.

Glen and Mallory are my adventure hikers. I am happy to wander about with my camera and capture their adventures.

 Presque Isle is located on Lake Superior, beautiful and majestic any time of year.

These ice rings on the lake remind me of Cheerios floating in milk.

After our two hour hike at Presque Isle, we had a traditional U.P. lunch of Pasties. I, unfortunately forgot to take a picture of mine until it was gone. So here is a picture from the internet.

After lunch we went to the Ice Caves.

The trail to the Ice Caves was challenging at times, but worth the trip.

The trek back to the car provided a barn for me :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures from this Winter Wonderland.


  1. What a winter wonderland - beautiful!! The landscape is so stark, but it's very captured some lovely moments. Thank you for sharing, Sarah. :)

  2. Wow these are really beautiful. All that ice. We don't see that out here in Washington.

  3. These are fantastic ! Beautiful photos of nature and people ~ What a place! Food looks good too! ^_^

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Beautiful photographs! My absolute favorite is the one of Mallory standing with her back to the camera staring out into the distance.. You captured the mood perfectly. Also, those ice cheerios! I've never seen something like that. The caves look super cool too.. bet it was freeezzing in there!
    Stay warm

  5. I love, love the Cheerios ice rings - I have never seen anything like it before!

  6. Such a beautiful winter wonderland.

  7. WOW - those ice caves are amazing!! That looks like such a beautiful walk - I've never been to the U.P. - so need to add that to my bucket list. Beautiful photos - thanks for taking us along.

  8. Wow, such beautiful photos, but I'm glad I can enjoy them from the warmth of my living room! Brrrr!

  9. Hi! Beautiful captures. I like ice ring photo very much.
    Wishing you a wonderful day.

  10. You, my friend, are making yourself one nice portfolio of amazing images!! I especially love the one of Mallory in front of the frozen ice falls ... she looks so adorable. And the one that looks like Cheerios in mild looks like frozen onion rings to me! LOL I must be having binge dreams ... I'm missing all my favorite foods as I finally began a new regime excluding all those wonderful things I love to eat ... sugar, carbs, and onion rings! ;-> You've inspired me, Sarah and it helps that I'm just plain sick of carry too much weight. Thanks for joining Walk and Click Wednesdays! When we get to our first anniversary, I'll have to spring some sort of surprise on you for being my longest follower. See you next week. ;->

  11. Wow, those ice caves look serious! Love the icy cheerios! Coming from Walk and click. BTW, I can't remember if I've seen your blog before, but you have a good Dutch last name:)

  12. What a wonderful walk, the images are awesome, so very beautiful

  13. I agree with Lissa! Oh my those ice rings are AMAZING! I've never seen anything like that! Those ice caves are pretty cool too -- this is probably a dumb question but is that something that is there year round or does if form each winter? Very cool and cold shots! : )


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