Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beyond, Beyond Layers - Week 2 - Aperture

I love shallow depth of field. I love to see parts of things as opposed to the whole. I love the soft blur around the edges.

I also love smooth 'n melty nonpareil mints. Back in my Diet Coke drinking days, I would eat these and  drink Diet Coke at the same time. It was a wonderful flavor explosion in my mouth.

Week Two's assignment in Kim Klassen's 2B class was to set up a still life shot and play with f/stops. I shot in Manual Mode as opposed to Aperture Priority. For all the technical stuff I don't get about photography, I for some reason do get Manual Mode.

I started with the lowest f/stop my macro lens would do and slowly worked up. Keep an eye on the texture definition that comes to the blue felt piece, especially in front of the candy as I increase the f/stop. It is a subtle but pleasant change.

f/stop 2.8

f/stop 4.5

f/stop 5.6

f/stop 6.3

I thought for sure I would love the f/stop 2.8 the most, but my favorite is actually the last one, the f/stop 6.3.  I love the defined texture in the felt piece.

Such a fun assignment, and the smooth 'n melty mints are still delicious, even without the Diet Coke.


  1. What colorful (and delicious) photos. :)

    I played around with my husband's Canon to try the f-stop lesson (I have a point-and-shoot so this is all new to me)...I still need to post a few of my results. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

  2. This is so cool, Sarah! I love your "explosion in your mouth" description. LOL

  3. I like the last one best, too. I agree that the texture of the fuzzy felt adds to the image. Nice exploration of the subtleties of f-stops!

  4. The colors ar wonderful - reminds me of spring.

  5. Your tack-sharp capture of all the details and textures made me go back and re-shoot helped me figure out what was missing from my shots. And I love the vibrant colors and your description of your sugary experience.


  6. Great experiment. I agree, I like the last one best also. It adds to what is in front.

  7. You picked a wonderful subject for your experiment! I'm with you, I like the last one the best, too!


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