Saturday, February 16, 2013

Finding My Eye: Contrasts

I will have to admit that I haven't given much thought to the concept of contrast in my photos. I am always so concerned with composition, focus, focal point and lighting. Those are the things that are always on the mental checklist when I shoot. Maybe unconsciously contrast already plays a part in my photography.

Example #1: Line and Body

Example #2: Bright/Neutral

Example #3: Soft/Hard

Example #4:Curved/Straight

Example #5: Manmade/Natural

Example #6: Light/Dark

Example #7: Area/Body

After reading Kat's Wednesday lesson, it gave me more to ponder and something to consciously take into consideration when I am out and about, or even at home shooting a carefully arranged still life.

Our assignment this week was to go on a Contrast Photowalk with our list of possible contrasts and shoot as many of them as we could find. That will have to be Part 2 of this lesson, doing this when the snow isn't falling like crazy and it is a bit warmer and less windy. Hopefully this will happen before this class is finished in three weeks :)


  1. Love your contrasts, It's interesting when you start to analyse isn't it ?

  2. A lovely set of images. I agree I think we are perhaps seeking contrasts without thinking about it at the time. Great to take the time to analyse now though - such an interesting topic.

  3. You've put up some lovely examples of contrast here. I especially like your soft/hard and curved/straight examples. That's a great portrait on the stairs too -- the contrast of the lines with the person creates a lot of visual interest. Have fun on your photo walk!

  4. I love your simplicity of words, one can focus on the shots. Your shot/hard and neutral/bright are standouts. Very very creative and wonderful compositions. You have done a great job with this assignment. I look forward to seeing more of your work. smiles: sharon

  5. That is something to think about. I really like all of them but my favorite is the curved and straight. Looks like you are really enjoying Kat's class.

  6. Wonderful contrasts you found! Yes, I think we often use contrast without recognizing it, because it makes for an interesting photograph. I've been struck at how many of my "favorite" photographs have an element of contrast in them, when I start to look. It's often what creates a tension that makes them more interesting. Thanks for sharing what you've found in your archive. I look forward to part 2!

  7. These are great example of contrast! I'm like you, I don't really think about contrast when I'm out taking photos. I do see them later on the computer. My favorite would be the bridge! Wonderful POV!

  8. I think I forgot to say I love the name of your blog-not because I'm into Paisley, I just find it very clever.
    You definitely do shoot in contrasts as you have so many examples here. I like that selfie you lead with and it has more contrasts than you mention. I also love the skirt with lighted field beside-a beautiful crop on that.
    I don't always shoot with contrast in mind-I think it nudges me without me realizing. I do know that as I look thru the images at the end of a shoot-that's a great time to think about contrast too as I pick out the winners of the day. My fave that you noted is nature with manmade. I'm poor at taking nature without anything against it. That was a discovery about a year ago and it's helped me choose where I photo walk.
    Looking forward to more of your posts.

  9. Great Assignment; a few contrasts I hadn't thought of. I keep going back to the frost on the rusty metal - my favorite.


  10. You have a good set of contrasts even if you were unable to get out. I like the dark/light shot with the nest. I enjoyed looking for contrasts on my photo-walk, I found the more I looked the more I saw. I hope you weather improves so you can get out.

  11. Sarah, you certainly found a good set of contrasts even if you were unable to go outside. I especially like the light/dark photo of the nest. I enjoyed my photo-walk, I found the more I looked for contrasts the more I saw them. Hopefully the weather will improve for you so you can get out.

  12. Sarah, I love the colors and textures in the natural/man made image. You really have a fine image there, perfect example of that type of a contrast.

  13. Sarah, you clearly do capture a lot of contrast in your images, whether consciously or not. The are all great examples. I love the portrait on the stairs, and like Susan, I see several different types of contrast there. My favorite of this series is hard/soft.


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