Friday, April 22, 2016


Last spring when our daughter Mallory was finishing her last semester of college, she was debating where to live after college. Either move three hours away from home, where she had received a job offer, or move back home, uncertain about a job, but with a free place to live. I encouraged the moving back home with the offer that I would consider adding a second dog to the family. She was very determined to get a dog of her own.

Riley, Mallory, Scout

We had lost the family golden retriever Riley, who was her dog, the previous autumn. Thankfully, we still had his younger (only by six months) brother, Scout, but it still took time for all of us to heal from the loss. By spring we were closer to being ready to consider the possibility, especially knowing that Scout was 12 and his hips are not in great shape.


The dangling dog carrot must have worked because she did move back home, and found a job within a week of being home. I was thrilled to have her back, after her being gone for the past four years.

The conditions of the new puppy were - it was her decision, her money. She did a lot of research, debating between a Bernese Mountain Dog and another Golden Retriever. She talked to different breeders. Ultimately it came down to a local friend I had made on Instagram (who I had never personally met) had recently gotten a golden puppy. I messaged her for the breeder information and passed it along to Mallory, the rest is history.

Meet Findley. Born February 18, 2016. Came to live with us April 15, 2016.

In the litter he was known as Light Blue, because of the light blue collar he was identified by. He stood out to Mallory from the first photo she saw of the litter at two days old.

Light Blue - top of the pile between her feet

The breeder matches prospective owners with puppies based on what they are looking for and the personality of the puppy. Mallory had no idea if she would get light blue, but he always seemed to make himself known to her each time she visited.

On pickup day, Mallory still didn't know which puppy would be Findley, the breeder was debating between a couple for her. The two that the breeder brought out for her to decide between were Royal Blue and... Light Blue. That didn't make her decision any easier, they were both so cuddly. In the end she went with her heart and chose Light Blue. He was the one that had stolen it from the very beginning.

The introduction of Findley to Scout has gone extremely well. I think Scout is thrilled to have a friend again. He is definitely more perky and wants to be outside to play with Findley. This won't cure his hips, or turn back his age, but it does make his days joy filled again.

Someday, Mallory will move out on her own. I will worry a lot less about her knowing that Findley is there beside her as companion and protector.


  1. What a lovely story of choosing a new puppy, who is adorable, and how the puppy chose Mallory. It's so nice to hear that Scout has found new purpose to his life as well.

  2. Oh my . . .
    I love dogs . . .
    I am crazy for puppies . . .
    I am over the moon for "Light Blue" . . .
    Happy Findley days Mallory . . .
    He is scrumptious . . .
    (Wonderful post Sarah!)

  3. A sweet story - I would have left with both - but that is why I am surrounded by cats.

  4. There's something touching about that photo of Scout and Findley together that brought tears to my eyes this morning. We always had dogs when I was growing up and I miss having one now. I hope Mallory and Findley will have many happy years and adventures together.

  5. What a wonderful process. I had no idea. Just the beginning!

  6. He is absolutely precious, Sarah!

  7. What a great story! Findley has found himself a wonderful home!

  8. OMGoodness, Sarah, this is wonderful! I am happy to announce that our youngest who is graduating from college in a few weeks, took a job close to home...YAY! She is moving back home, and yes, a new dog is her reward! Those yellows look just like her own beloved friend, Harley, who died last summer. We had a black lab, who died a few years before. It was an adjustment, but we are definitely ready for another one. Love that Scout is looking out for Findley. Welcome home Mallory and Findley! Aloha!

  9. Such a sweet heart. Kinda makes me want one. A couple of my friends have been giving their dogs kefir. They pour it over their dog food. They are very old arthritic dogs and both have been running around like teenagers ever since. Not sure how much or how long it took to have an effect but I can find out if you like or perhaps see what google has to say about it.

  10. Such joy in your life... your daughter close to home again, and a new puppy to cherish.

  11. Such joy in your life... your daughter close to home again, and a new puppy to cherish.

  12. Oh my word...such cuteness...and that name...(big puffy heart!)

  13. This is so wonderful and heartwarming. Such great dogs.


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