Friday, April 29, 2016

9 Mile Journey

Last summer I got the wild idea that I wanted to walk a nine mile stretch of scenic lakeshore road, segment by segment, between my parents' house (my childhood home) and the cemetery where my grandparents and favorite great-aunt are buried. In July it was too hot to start, so I thought I would wait until fall. Fall came along with cooler weather, but I was also doing a lot of traveling, so the nine mile walk never began.

Maybe it's the spot that I am at in my life that has me yearning to revisit childhood places. My child raising days are behind me, my parents are aging but still healthy, and I am well settled into our thirty year marriage. Or maybe it's the natural progression in the four year, self-discovery journey that I have been on.

Some ideas seem good but then quickly fade if not acted upon immediately, but the need to do this walk has only grown stronger. So now, almost a year later, I am beginning. I still plan on doing it in segments, parking my car, walking a mile or two, and then walking back to my car. In the end I will have doubled my nine mile walk.

So much of my history is located along this road, favorite parks, including the one where I love to do self-portrait photography. There is the former house of friends of my parents, many Sunday mornings after church we would go there for coffee or tea in delicate china cups, and nibble on sugar cookies. This house had unique nooks and crannies, being built by the owner, that I loved to explore while the adults chatted in the kitchen. I think this is where my love of buildings began.

I have ridden along this stretch of road hundreds of times, but I have never walked more than this bridge section. There is something about walking that forces you to slow down and truly see what is around you. I am excited to see what memories this nine mile journey uncovers. I am hopeful to complete it by October. If I get it done sooner, maybe I can find another memory lane to travel down.


  1. What a lovely idea! It's not by chance that the expression: "a walk down memory lane" exists! So lovely to be able to see familiar landscapes and special places that have been important to you and see how you feel about them now.

  2. What a wonderful idea . . .
    Truly will be a "Walk Down Memory Lane" . . .
    I look forward to hearing and seeing more . . .

  3. I remember when you first mentioned this. So glad it's worked out for you to begin. I've always wished I had taken more pictures of things in my past, like schools, grandparents house, and such. But way back then, pictures of everyday life didn't interest me at all! It is fun to go and see what is left of our pasts and finally take those pictures. Enjoy your walking!

  4. You've started and that's where the journey begins. I don't think it's unusual to do this and I deffinately think it comes to us as we grow into a more mature person. A year and 1/2 ago I traveled to Seattle Washington to stand in the spot that my Mother eloped to. It was not a story that either her or my father talked about. I wanted to understand the marriage and the divorce...It was quite moving and bittersweet. I think you will find emotional connections on your journey that will surprise and delight you...
    Remember it's not the destination, it's the journey...enjoy.

  5. Great goal, I come up with a new one every year to give me some focus. Enjoy the journey!

  6. A very satisfying goal to achieve with the enjoyment of reliving old and happy memories. Enjoy this time xx

  7. These are beautifully serene images.

  8. Sarah, this sounds like a wonderful project. The place I grew up is nearly 3,000 miles away, and the landmarks of my childhood no longer exist anyway. But I like the idea of taking a long walk in segments, and I'm thinking about how I can put that into practice. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your journey!

  9. It is very interesting how at that certain time of life, we want to reexplore our earlier years. I have certainly spent some time doing that and it has been a very interesting journey, and has been a time in which I have learned much about my self that i had forgotten. Hope you enjoy that 9 mile journey and will look forward to hearing about it in the future.


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