Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Courageously Stepping Off in 2014

The time has come to step off that watching and waiting edge. It is time to courageously take action.

My word for 2014 is Courageous. I chose Courageous over courage because I feel Courageous means taking action, and that is what I want to do in 2014. Take some Courageous actions.

I have decided to break up my year ahead into 3 month segments. Planning for only 3 months at a time.  That way I can set goals and assess at the end of the quarter whether the goals were met or not. If not, what I need to adjust/change to make them happen. Or maybe that goal is not important anymore.

I have three main areas that I want to focus on in 2014. Photography, writing and photo processing.

Fourteen goals for January-March
  • Print some of my own photography work to hang on my large empty walls.
  • Take Kim Manley Ort's 50mm Photography class in January. Start and Finish it on time.
  • Get an on-line Portfolio of my work put together.
  • Some friends and I started an on-line writing group. I am excited about this group. Many of us want to write more and all of us want to improve on our writing skills. The accountability of this group will be so helpful to me.
  • I want to schedule specific time into my mornings three days a week to write.
  • Work through some of my on-line photo processing classes, and continue to learn and grow in my Lightroom and Photoshop capabilities.
  • Continue my Taking the Backroads Adventures.
  • Blog on a more regular basis.
  • Focus on Observation. I really want to focus on observing more the things around me. I feel that observation is such a key component to writing.
  • More adventures with my new in-person friends
  • Invest in myself. Take a day or two away to write and photograph.
  • Read more
  • Continue to try new things together with Glen
  • Leg Press 150 lbs.
So I am courageously stepping into 2014 with some specific plans of action. I will give a progress report at the beginning of April to see how I did.

Linking up with Kim for her Fourteen in 2014.


  1. I like your plan I too am looking forward to meeting up and writing more...

  2. What an awesome list!! I just might have to borrow some of your goals! I especially like the idea of dividing the year in to quarters to re-evaluated things - Brilliant!! Here's wishing your a happy and creative 2014!!

  3. Love your specifics in your goals... realistic, and a great way , I think, To get things done.

  4. I love the three month goal idea! Happy 2014 - you're already off to a great start!

  5. Neat photo, pretty booties and a busy schedule. Sounds like 2014 is going to be a great year for you!

  6. Happy days with COURAGEOUS . . . I am excited to see your results from printing your own photographs. Love seeing and hearing about your journey . . . HNY!

  7. I really like that 3 month idea. You have inspired me also. A year is a long time to remember. Here is to a wonderful and courageous new year!

  8. Great word choice, great photo to match. I know you will meet maybe not all of these goals, but enough to say you are courageous. I sense much forward motion in what you do. Can't wait to see some of your results.

  9. Courageous is a very good word and I do like your three month plan. A little easier to manage than a whole year. Wishing you all the best in the new year.

  10. Great list...and some wonderful goals to achieve. I think it is great that you are honing your photography and writing skills. You are wonderful at both!! Putting a definite time stamp on these is a terrific idea.

    1. And I just signed up for the Kim Manley Ort's 50 mm class too....thanks for the info!!

  11. Your very organized.. I have a word and its Trust.. I think You might be the first too know it. I ve know it for sometime
    Im going to have a look at that class. Thanks
    Happy New Year

  12. Yes, you are organized, and have such a great plan, especially with the quarter check step. I love your word choice, and how you defined it. Happy New Year Sarah.

  13. I have seen you become more courageous throughout 2013 so this next year you will be knocking our socks off! Your breaking the year down sounded great but if I did that I would put everything off til the 3rd month. :( Looking so forward to this coming year!

  14. I love your blogging. Impressive list. I am not so courageous to make so many goals. You'll be successful, I know!

  15. Happy New Year Sarah!
    I love your idea of three months at a time...much less daunting. One of my treasures for 2013 is my online friends like you.
    Looking forward to 2014...courageously.


  16. Amen to courageous and to hanging artwork on the walls, although I don't have any large expanse of space. But I do plan to hang some small things in my studio once I can see the floor. Your 3 month check is such a great idea, and I'm looking forward to our writing group this year!! xo

  17. brilliant...and freaking exciting!!

    absolutely love your list....
    so many exciting things ahead for you my friend....

    wonderful word as well...

    xo, Kim

  18. ♡ I love your list! Great choices. Happy New Year 2014!

  19. Wow! Great word and I love your list, so intentional! Love your 3 month idea too. Looking forward to seeing how you get on. :)

  20. What a great word ... and what fabulous goals! The three-month idea is novel, too. I may have to ponder that.

  21. hi sarah... a three month game plan is a great idea! Things change in life and so do our plans. What a great word for 2014...I sure I know that I need to be more courageous...but I do not have the courage :~) It will be fun to see how the year unfolds!

  22. Your word is very similar to one that keeps sticking in my mind...brave. I love how you're breaking down your year. I think that will make accomplishing the things on your list easier and in a more timely manor. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress! Have fun in Kim's class. I certainly enjoyed it and learned a lot about my 50mm lens!

  23. The three month goal plan is brilliant. And I can't wait to see your online portfolio. Happy 2014!

  24. So brave of you...that is quite the list! Can't wait to watch you on this journey!


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