Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Macro Man

Last weekend when we were in Traverse City and on the Leelanau Peninsula I brought my extra dSLR along, hoping that Glen would use it some in our mini photo walks. I had brought it along on our vacation to Montana as well, and he did use it some while we were at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Which was all landscape shooting. I think we have found his niche though…macro photography.

Our first mini photo walk adventure was at the Northern Michigan Asylum, and I wanted to share with all of you his photos.

Northern Michigan Asylum

Glen was able to get a shot of a room through the window.

This is my absolute favorite

I love being at the same place and each of us seeing totally different things.

The next day I convinced him to climb the ski hill at Sugarloaf a ski resort that has been sitting unused for the past 10+ years.


I never saw this chair lift with Sugar Loaf written on it, so glad he got it.

The top of my hat. Yes, it was cold.

I love his closeups of these equipment pieces.

Next up was Glen Haven a historic maritime village that is being restored by the National Parks Service since this is part of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Glen Haven

I love this one, such a great perspective.

This farm is also being restored because it is part of Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Historic Farm

Setting up his pinecone shot.

Part of the foundation on the barn.

You can see his style starting to take shape right before your eyes. 

Other than a little cropping by me, these images are pretty much untouched. 

I hope he will do this again with me, it was so nice to spend time together, and he has great promise as my Macro Man.

Joining Helen for Weekend Walks.


  1. I so enjoyed this fabulous tour and seeing your mini walk through his eyes! His work is amazing! Macro is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

  2. fantastic shots, my hubby and I will sometimes take the same shots & I am always surprized at how different our photos are. Your hubby takes exceptional shots...great photos.

  3. How fun to share the love of photography -- great shots by your macro man. :)

  4. Very nice, I think he likes rust also. It is great that both of you can share this together.

  5. I loved this Sarah . . . perfect post. I especially like how you have enriched your union in visual and love . . . through the lens. Mighty fine combo you have going on there . . . Great macro shots Glen!

  6. excellent details and love the blue room. It is so fun to compare and contrast pictures after a shoot with someone else. Same spot - completely different results - often leaving me scratching my head and wondering "how did I not notice that?". Thanks for sharing.

  7. It's great when you can share this together. And clearly I think your expertise has rubbed off on him!! I love the chairlift one best of all - so well spotted and taken. Thanks to you and of course Glen for linking with my Weekend Walks!

  8. Lovely, Mark and I go out together and it's great to have his input .

  9. what a terrific eye he has! great shots, all, but i really like that pinecone shot he was setting up for.

  10. He's got a great start! It's nice that he will 'join' you. My hubby has issues...(roll eyes) but he did mention that he needs to learn my camera so he can get shots of me and Hallie instead of him being in all the photos. I love the pinecone closeup and that perspective shot is a fave too.

  11. These are gorgeous - love the berries and the pine cone especially.

  12. Well done Glen! Yup...he's definitely got an eye for Macro. I had many faves...mostly the grungy hardware. But the best one is through the window. I've done a few of these myself. I'm not a peeper unless it's an abandoned building.


  13. oh wow what an amazing set of photographs I am in awe!

  14. Those berries are an instant fave of mine, as well...what a wonderful post and you're right...his style is obvious!

  15. Great shots! How lucky for him that he has a great teacher!

  16. I'm with you, I love the berries, but the pine cone is a close second! So glad Glen enjoys your outings together and is getting into photography. He sure has a steady hand and a good eye for macro photography!


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